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1,500 Drones Form Scannable QR Code in Shanghai Skies

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Drones are oftentimes used in combat and recreation, but this time, they have played an important role in creating colossal QR codes in the sky. A fleet of 1,500 drones took part in a complex light show in Shanghai, China, as part of the anniversary commemoration of Japanese roleplaying game Princess Connect: Re Drive, that debuted on Feb.15, 2018. Its video game developer is Cygames.

During the event, the Shanghai sky became a display show of 1,500 drones that flew in the city. The drones were used to create depictions of characters from the game, alongside the game’s logo and text messages, with the giant QR code displayed at the end of the complex light show. At the end of the exhibit, the drones created a shape of a giant QR Code in the sky. Players could scan them like the usual QR codes that can be used to download and install it the game on their smartphones. In addition, they could also access a personalized link to the game so they could read more about it.

China’s History with QR Codes

Earlier this April, Slash Gear reported that the car brand, Genesis has launched 3,281 drones in Shanghai for the world record of having the most number of drones released.

Relying on mobile technology and big data, the Chinese government has used a color-based “health code” system to control people’s movements and curb the spread of the coronavirus. The automatically generated QR codes are assigned to citizens as an indicator of their health status. Following China’s lead, other governments have also turned to similar technology to battle the virus. For example, Singapore offers its TraceTogether system also as a wearable token for those who do not own smartphones.

Wrapping up

QR Codes are a common sight now, thanks to the increase in smartphone penetration and access to high-speed mobile internet. They are everywhere – real estate, payment gateways, product packaging, and so on. According to a recent survey by Statista, in the US alone, an estimated 11 Million households were forecast to have scanned a QR Code in 2020. The usage and penetration of QR codes into different industry verticals are anticipated to rise in the coming years.

Source: Tech Times | Image Courtesy: Persia Digest

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