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Oracle Content and Experience: Simplified Content Collaboration That Drives Amplified Digital Experience

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Oracle Content Experience

It is the 80:20 principal at work again. Smart marketing is about spending 20% of the time in content creation and approval, and spending the remaining 80% on analysis and enhancing the customer experience. However, typically a marketer spends most of his/her time in campaign creation while very little time is spent on analysis which creates a barrier in delivering improved experience to customers.

5 Typical Challenges Faced by Modern Marketers

  1. Gathering content across platforms
  2. Lack of internal communication
  3. Mapping the customer journey
  4. Tracking performance metrics accurately
  5. Maintaining a consistent customer experience

Moreover, experiences are no longer bound by a website; they are channel-agnostic. One needs to have consistency in content irrespective of the channel. The modern marketer needs to be equipped with an agile tool that can help to deliver exceptional customer experience across channels, which is where Oracle Content and Experience (OCE) comes into picture.

OCE is a delight for marketers as the tool makes it effortless for them to create, manage and measure the impact of content they use while telling and/or selling brand stories.

What is Oracle Content and Experience (OCE)?

OCE is a cloud-based content hub to drive Omni-channel content management and accelerates experience seamlessly team up internally as well as externally. It lets you approve content on-the-go via any device. There are different ways to interact with OCE i.e. web interface, desktop app, mobile app etc., which means you no longer have accessibility barriers to create engaging experiences.

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Key Features of OCE:

  1. Asset Management– A centralized platform for all of your marketing assets: content, images, video, and documents. . You can find images & videos quickly with visual-enhanced search results which enables you to spend less time searching and more time creating.
  2. Content Collaboration– A collaborative platform that allows your teams to work in tandem and in Always hyphenated to deliver exceptional experiences.
  3. Website Building– With OCE, you can rapidly build and publish websites via a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. From concept to launch, the process is completely integrated to provide engaging experience.
  4. Omni channel Delivery– OCE is a low-code platform that enables curated and consistent experience delivery with faster ‘go-to-market’ across channels such as website, mobile, social media etc.

According to Gartner, Oracle Content and Experience represents architecturally powerful rethinking of WCM in the context of the customer experience. The Oracle Content Experience structure helps marketers with an innovative approach to build personalized content experience.


OCE is a great tool to enhance your ROI. With a centralized asset repository, seamless collaboration capabilities and easy provisioning of assets on the cloud, OCE reduces campaign creation time resulting in faster “go-to-market” and enables marketers to seamlessly create Omni-channel experiences. The saved time can be utilized in analyzing the data which empowers marketers with rich customer insights that augments campaign performance.

Clover Infotech is one of the most trusted and preferred partners for OCE consulting, implementation, and support. We have a team of experts on OCE with hands-on experience of having developed websites, intranet portals and communities for leading companies. Get in touch with us today at if you wish to know more about OCE and its value proposition.

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