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The four leaves of the Clover leaf stand for hope, faith, love and luck. Signifying good luck since 1974, our forward thinking policy has always stood for quality and innovation. In the last three decades, the Clover Group has carved a niche for itself in the areas of technology (, transaction systems ( and digital wallets (


Slonkit is the smarter way to manage a child’s allowance or pocket money. Slonkit enables children and young adults to become financially responsible, learn under a parent’s guidance and develop good money habits for life. For parents, it allows their children to build good habits from an early age and engage with them in financial decisions, while managing their spend in a safe and secure way. For children, it gives them responsible freedom, teaches them the value of money and allows them to earn rewards for good behavior. Slonkit works as a reloadable pre-paid card with a mobile app for the family. The pre-paid card can be loaded in an instant, and used online or in-stores. The mobile app can be used by children and parents to smartly manage their money. Slonkit is powered by VISA and DCB Bank, and can be used anywhere in India.