Kunal Nagarkatti talks on 3 hot technology areas on CellIT Magazine

According to me, the three hot technology areas that will rule the roost in 2015 are:
• Big Data and Analytics
• Cloud Computing
• Mobility for Transaction Services

“The last two decades have seen humungous growth in volumes of data. This is because transactions between product/service providers and consumers are not restricted to point of sale. The proliferation in transactional data owing to number of access points and mechanisms is remarkable. The variety of data generated and velocity of its generation has compelled organizations to gather insights by collation and careful observation of data. The natural corollary is the growing importance of Big Data and Analytics. I believe it will assume great significance and add immense value to business decisions, especially in key sectors such as BFSI, Retail and Pharma which are poised to grow with the Indian economy in the coming year.

With the economy booming, we also see a lot of new start-ups with great promise. Cloud computing comes as a great boon for such companies and the ones which want to sustain a great growth trajectory by focusing on core competencies. Cloud computing enables these firms to use safe, secure and cost-effective IT Infrastructure, platforms and software as a service and enables them to better manage their budgets from an IT perspective. With more usage, customer’s will start trusting Cloud with their IT requirements, leading to exponential growth in Cloud computing.

Mobility for Transaction Services: The smart phone is an integral part of our lives. With the time and mindshare of the customer that it enjoys, businesses of today need to create technology solutions that can enable customers to make it a “one-stop device” for their professional and personal needs. Mobility in transaction services will facilitate the customer to manage his investments, payments, etc. on the go and will enable the same customer to view business data and insights, and make faster and more informed business decisions.” He adds on

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