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What is a Chatbot ?

Chatbots are computer programmed conversational interfaces which is incorporated on the website or mobile (app) platform or on social messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger to simulate a natural conversation with people in textual or auditory manner. Chatbots have been around since half a century., A Programmed bot named 'Eliza chatbot' was used to simulate a psychotherapist in 1966. Chatbots are  now getting more traction due to resultant behaviour of consumer where messaging apps are the first port of call for most conversations. Chatbot serves a perfect platform as 6 out of the top 10 mobile apps are messaging apps and chatbots can live on messaging apps. Although chatbot technology is still in its nascent stages and used to address quick preliminary questions, complaint resolution, executing search requests etc, they can do much more by leveraging the power of AI (artificial intelligence). Chatbot development in India is at its preliminary stages as majority of the chatbot builders are busy conceptualizing its utility  in the Indian market.

Where can chatbots be incorporated?

  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Social Media (Facebook Messenger)

What are the different platforms to build chatbot?

There are many emerging chatbot development platforms which can be used  to build chatbots. Some are Opensource, while some are privately owned. Few popular platform among chatbot developers are as follows:
  • Facebook bot ( is Facebook's free chat BOT engine Platform)
  • Dialogflow (Google's conversational user experience platform)
  • Kik codes
  • Pandorabots
  • Rasa (Opensource)
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • Chatscripts
  • Telegram
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle Intelligent Bots

How chatbots beneficial to businesses?

There are many benefits of AI based chatbots over conventional chatbots. They are the most advanced chatbots as they are capable of learning by themselves. As a chatbot provider, we can state few benefits and they are as follows:
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Enables Instant Customer Service
  • Enhances brand value
  • Saves on Customer Services cost and resources
  • Helps to render a personalized experience
  • Enable delivery of Cognitive digital experience
  • Capable of Multiple interactions with natural interface
  • Ideally placed to map customer needs and offer apt products and services
  • Capable of Self Evolving (self-learning)

Which Industries may gain most from Chatbots ?

Chatbots can be implemented across industries as they can take care of multiple services like customer care, complains and feedback, booking, searching, handling payment procedure etc. Thus, chatbots can handle a number of tasks in the following Industries :

Banking: AI based chatbots are fully secure and are capable of performing banking operations like handling complaints and grievances, retrieve account related information, personal assistant, ATM assistant (location), service assistant, and also as stock trading bots etc.

E-commerce : Chatbots is used to handle payment procedures, personalized product search, order tracking etc.

Insurance: The cognitive digital experience of most advanced AI bots makes it relatively feasible to make insurance processes quicker, advise and settle claims, suggest and sell insurance policies.

Healthcare : In Healthcare, response time can be the difference between life and death. Bots are being used for healthcare related applications like health assistance, hospital navigator, emergency online manager (virtual) etc.

Travel & Hospitality : Travelers requires information on the go. Chatbot stands as a perfect channel to communicate with the user. Chatbot can be leveraged to manage travel plans, for travel reminders, recommend local attractions etc.

Our Offering as a Chatbot development Company

The list of BOT companies is not very long. As a chatbot development company, we offer end-to-end chatbot development services, right from conceptualizing, defining the objectives to building and testing the actual chatbot based solution.

Identity Creation This involves creating a persona of a bot while keeping target audience audience in mind and the things you want to get done using you bot?

Setting up processing language This phase involves selection of platform based on type of conversation, how many sentences you need to have a well performing intent etc. There are different platforms to manage your language processing which includes, etc.

Code  Platforms are here to give you the right tools to make your bot development easier because it is still necessary. If you want to connect your bot to external databases or APIs or to create an extensive flow including use case specific problematics, you need to dive into your code. 

Integration with messaging apps This is a fundamental step after building your bot, it involves connecting it to your desired channels. An increasing number of platforms support bots:Messenger, Kik, Slack, Telegram etc.

Testing With Beta Users Testing for the correctness of response, efficiency, latency timing etc. within different group of testers.

Host Your Bot That’s the time when you launch your bot on the worldwide web. This stage also involves optimizing the bot for the response time. This factor depends on hosting provider and agreed specification etc.

Monitor It’s the stage to check the overall parameters like performance of your bot its responses, correct intent distribution, to get bot analytics, course correction etc.

Why choose Clover for Chatbot designing and development?

We are Clover Infotech, an IT services company in India that offers comprehensive chatbot development services. As against any other Chatbot company, we have a pool of experts in chatbot technology, we can help you build chatbots across various platforms including facebook (, Microsoft (Microsoft bot framework), Telegram, Slack, Oracle and more. For those who aren't aware about chatbots and why your business may need it, the following details may help you to understand it better.

We provide a comprehensive service in designing, development, testing of rule based, and AI  based intelligent chatbots. We have a BOT development centre at Mumbai, and our offices are located in Dubai (Middle East), Singapore, had also serve customers based out of  Europe and USA.

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