Oracle Content and Experience (OCE)

It is the 80:20 principle at work again. When you spend 80% of time on content creation and approval and 20% of your time on the experience of the customer and analysis, it cannot be defined as “smart” marketing and customer engagement.

Marketers, across industry verticals, have highlighted their desire to spend more time on the “experience” of the customer and less time on content creation and approvals.

Is there an enterprise-wide solution that is safe, secure, and can accelerate content creation and publishing? The answer fortunately is “Yes”. The solution is Oracle Content and Experience (OCE) Cloud. With a centralized asset repository, seamless collaboration capabilities and easy provisioning of assets on the cloud, the solution accelerates “go-to-market” with campaigns and enables marketers to create omni-channel experiences with just a click.

The saved time can be channelled towards analyzing end-user experiences. It empowers markets with rich and sharp customer insights that augment targeting, positioning and RoI on every marketing campaign.

Enhance the return on every marketing dollar spent by you. Get OCE today.

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    Content across the enterprise has increased with the proliferation of digital and social media. With OCE, you can store content in multimedia formats, manage it with efficient tagging, and retrieve it with intelligent search to publish it digitally – all by yourself.
    Digital Content Hub and a “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” (WYSIWYG) editor, enables internal marketing teams and external content contributors to design, deliberate, approve (digital signature integrated) and publish content by collaborating seamlessly.
    OCE is a low-code platform that enables curated and consistent experience delivery across channels such as website, mobile, social media etc. You can now liberate your application development teams from their channel-based siloes, enhance their agility to ensure faster “go-to-market”
    OCE contains pre-defined themes, templates, and components and providers content APIs and SDKs. This enables developers to drag-and-drop components, use pre-built page layouts, site themes etc. to publish a website from scratch in just a few hours.

    The websites and digital assets built on OCE are hosted on Oracle Cloud hence it comes with the highest level of security, and very high availability across geographies. It enables faster loading of websites and makes your product / service / brand highly visible across search results.

    Get more. Do more.

    • Leverage a single content hub to create, manage, and publish omni-channel content including digital assets, user-generated content, web content and business documents.
    • Deliver engaging experiences across multiple channels with APIs for channel integration and business-friendly tools.
    • Manage content from your enterprise applications, provide content services for existing content sources, and integrate data with content to enhance relevancy.
    • Easily collaborate on content internally and with external teams.

    Developer Friendly

    As a developer, you can use the functionality provided by Oracle Content and Experience for integration with web applications and third-party services and applications in a number of ways.
    Oracle Content and Experience Cloud enables you to develop themes and templates for websites, customize components, and provide content delivery, content management, and collaboration for your websites.

    Create & Manage Your Web Experience

    With Oracle, you can empower marketers and other line of business users to manage the online experience with a minimum of IT involvement. Gone are the days of long lead times and IT bottlenecks for routine site updates or the launch of campaigns. By enabling marketers and other line-of-business teams with intuitive online authoring and management tools that simplify the creation, management, moderation and optimization of the online experience, reliance on IT for day-to-day site management activities can be reduced thereby empowering the business to deliver more effectively on online customer experience initiatives.

    Unify The Experience Across Web Properties

    You can also combine the web experience management and portal capabilities within OCE to deliver more engaging online experiences across both your public marketing sites and your self-service extranets.

    Extend The Experience From Web To Mobile

    With OCE Sites, you can engage customers consistently across web and mobile channels. Mobile devices are a critical means of communication today. However, device formats are so varied that delivering a mobile web experience that will engage site visitors and enhance your brand can be a daunting task. With OCE Sites, organizations are empowered to mobile-enable their web presence, reusing their existing web content and sites, reformatted and optimized for mobile delivery. You can easily extend your web presence to the mobile channel and effectively deliver multi-channel marketing and customer experience initiatives, while saving significant time and effort in managing mobile sites.

    Provide a Multi-Site & Multi-Lingual Experience

    Multi-site and multi-lingual support enable you to quickly create new sites for specialized markets. The world is changing fast, with new and emerging opportunities taking on more importance every day, from global markets to rapidly expanding areas such as wealth management and financial advisory.

    OCE Sites can also be integrated with a partner solution to translate and deliver web sites into appropriate languages – right from within the OCE Sites business user UI.  Granular control enables business users to manage translation cost: translate a single article, a page or an entire site, as well as control when to translate, and who or what service to use for each translation.  The same business interface provided for content creation and contribution allows you to easily manage multi-lingual content as well as the translation processes.  Simple click-to-translate and seamless integration with third party automated, crowd-sourced, and expert translation services provide an easy to use but deep integration of the translation process into site management.

    The Oracle Content and Experience (OCE) Value Proposition:

    • Fast & easy page creation and editing via a WYSIWYG environment
    • Drag and drop site content onto pages
    • Find images & videos quickly with visual-enhanced search results
    • Manage tasks efficiently with parallel work streams and a contributor dashboard
    • Easily set-up, manage and moderate user-generated content based on business rules defined by you

    Why Clover Infotech for Oracle Content and Experience Services?

    • The most trusted and go-to partner for OCE consulting, implementation, and support.
    • Experience of more than five successful implementations for enterprises across industry verticals including banking and financial services.
    • A team of experts on OCE with hands-on experience of having developed websites, intranet portals and communities for leading companies.
    • A robust portal technologies unit with expertise across various technologies.
    • Excellent understanding of the digital landscape, comprehensive website creation capabilities and experience in building mission critical mobility solutions.
    • Deep understanding of content management systems (CMS) and integration of various content sources to enables seamless information management.
    • Strong domain expertise and in-house experts in digital marketing and analytics to augment the usefulness of the platform and enable contextual targeting.

    Oracle Content and Experience - Unleash the Power of Content

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