Oracle ERP

Oracle E-Business Suite Services

Oracle Enterprise Business Suite (EBS), also known as Oracle applications comprises of a suite of products in the realm of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM), Oracle financials application and procurement among others. With over a decade of experience, Clover Infotech’s Oracle EBS practice has expert consultants who can provide comprehensive services from consulting to implementation and support.

Oracle EBS practice offerings are as depicted below:

Oracle ERP

Advent of Analytics and Cloud

Oracle EBS processes a huge amount of business critical data, derives insights and creates reports. By implementing the Oracle EBS suite of products, we help our customers to:
  • Become cost-effective
  • Enhance their performance
  • Take better and informed decisions

With analytics playing a key role in processing huge volumes of data, the data collated and stored by the Oracle EBS suite can be studied by our analytics division to derive patterns which often go unnoticed. These patterns and insights are significant value boosters for our customer’s business. Many organizations are now moving into a “bring your own device” (BYOD) model and moving their infrastructure and applications to the cloud. Oracle facilitates moving Oracle EBS to the cloud. Many customers are indeed moving to the cloud to take advantage of new features, move into an OPEX model (which is financially efficient), reduce their support, customization and migration worries and optimize the effectiveness of their IT spends.

Clover Infotech’s comprehensive Oracle EBS offerings:

We come in at the pre-implementation stage. We assess the client’s current infrastructure from the databases and middleware in existence to the application landscape. We, then, work on an implementation blueprint post which our consultant come in to efficiently implement Oracle EBS for customers. We ensure our presence with the customer throughout the journey, even at the support stage, by offering our expertise and also our experienced consultants to ensure seamless functioning of the Oracle EBS suite.

Our Oracle EBS delivery methodology:


Our Value proposition:

Comprehensive expertise
: We have comprehensive expertise in Oracle EBS services from pre-implementation to support and maintenance.

Oracle Technologies expertise: With our expertise in enterprise application integration (Oracle SOA) and also, in business and analytics, we can leverage the best returns out of your Oracle EBS investment by ensuring that the most precise insights possible are derived real-time. These insights add significant business value and positively impact the bottom line.

Scalability: Whether it is migrating to a newer version or moving to the cloud, our expert consultants help our customers to achieve such strategic objectives seamlessly.

Extensive Support: Our team ensures that the customer gets extensive support 24x7. We also ensure efficient training and hand-holding if the customers desire to support the implementation in-house.

Success Story:

Read on, to know how we enabled one of India's leading financial services company to achieve enhanced business agility.




Oracle Fusion Financials

Oracle fusion applications are the next generation application suite from Oracle designed and developed on the oracle fusion middleware. It includes the best functionalities from existing oracle application product lines. This is most comprehensive integrated and scalable financial management solution.
However, recent surveys of top IT and business leaders reveal that inflexible ERP deployments, poor cross-functional processes, inability to extend processes to external partners, difficulties in upgradation and lack of visibility into process are the reasons for challenges faced by IT leaders today. To address these challenges, customers are increasingly adopting Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Oracle Fusion Middleware and Fusion Financials. Clover Infotech’s SOA and Oracle Fusion Service offerings rise to this challenge and address the requirements of today’s IT leaders.


Oracle Fusion financial practice at Clover Infotech

  • Clover Infotech provides customers with a holistic approach to transition smoothly from existing Oracle Applications to Oracle Fusion Applications. We help them with robust Oracle Fusion Applications migrations, faster rollouts, application integration, upgrades, development, and deployment processes
  • Readiness assessment and service offerings – From roadmap definition to validating the readiness of infrastructure, Clover Infotech consults the client on each of these aspects. The company also undertakes implementation, application, integration and support requirements for Oracle Fusion financials
  • Consulting , implementation and support services- We have a large pool of certified consultants to  help customers upgrade / integrate from existing Oracle application product lines to Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Expert consultants on Oracle Fusion applications and middleware technologies
  • Co-existence solutions – We enable seamless adoption/ integration of Oracle Fusion Applications with legacy applications (Oracle and non-Oracle applications)
  • Product implementation expertise and practice – Fusion Accounting Hub and Fusion HCM  

Oracle fusion financial services erp



  • Embedded multi-dimensional cube for interactive analysis
  • Instantaneous results to live data
  • Self-service access to financial information
  • Complete drilldowns to existing ledgers


Clover’s SAP service offerings deliver the combination of flexibility, reliability, security and performance your company demands. Clover employs a variety of tools and accelerators based on hundreds of previous support and implementation projects to provide more rapid, cost effective and highly reliable services.
Our constant endeavour is to deliver flawless, industry standard best practices with Service Level Commitments throughout the contract periods, often delivering immediate tangible value beyond the contractual commitments as any one of our testimonials and case studies would demonstrate.  

SAP Services



  • 24x7, 9x5 or 365 days of uninterrupted support
  • 24x7 availability of advanced technology skills through a specialised technology group
  • End to end solutions and services capability
  • Best of breed industry practices in service delivery and documentation
  • Highest Quality of Service and efficiency 

Delivery Models:

  • Onsite model based on the client / site specific requirements
  • Remote model through a 24x7 ISO 27001 certified NOC
  • A Hybrid of both Onsite and Remote model

SAP Upgrade Services:

SAP offers new solutions based on newer technologies. These are available to the customers as version upgrades and Enhancement Packs (EHP). We offer the following specialised services:

►  EHP Upgrade
►  Solution Manager Upgrade
►  BI/ BW Upgrade
►  SAP Kernel Upgrade
►  Database upgrade  

 Technology Project Offerings:  

►  High Availability & Disaster Recovery Implementation
►  Platform /OS/DB Migration
►  Integration Projects
►  Solution Manager Implementation & configuration
►  Performance Tuning & Database reorganization   

Resourcing Service Offering:

An organization has requirements for Software personnel for a certain period of time. The requirements may vary in terms of duration, skill set and experience.

Clover provides the services of its personnel to Clients for such assignments. These personnel operate as internal resources for the client organization. However they are still backed up by the senior team at Clover. This gives organizations onsite presence of a resource with inputs of senior and high end resources. The cost benefit is unmatched.
The availability of a good pool of resources with the right skill set and experience reduces the risk coming from quality and attrition.

Clover provide resources from SAP Modules such as SD, MM, PP, QM, PM, PS, FI, CO, HCM, BI, BO; Technical areas such as ABAP, PI, EP and BASIS ; and Project and Program Managers. Other than SAP, Clover also has resources from Microsoft, .NET, JAVA, Oracle.