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Oracle Fusion – Are you leveraging all its features?

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Are you completely well-versed with all the features on your phone? I am sure most of us aren’t. The same is true with organizational wide enterprise applications. While the impact of not knowing some features of a mobile phone may be limited, it is detrimental to not leverage the features of an enterprise application to add value to business.

Hence, the demand is for an enterprise application or solution which can enable seamless upgradation to the next level, is secure and can allow ubiquitous access. If it can reduce the decision cycle by presenting data in desired formats, then it adds tremendous value to business operations and overall success.

Oracle Fusion Cloud is one such suite of applications and it can empower the enterprise because of the features it incorporates as listed below:

Intelligent Accounting

There are various dimensions to financial accounting and management in an enterprise. Since multiple people work on the overall product and output, human error touchpoints are very high and likely. More importantly, tracking the errors and rectifying it is a torrid task by itself. With Oracle Fusion Cloud, you can ensure seamlessness with respect to accounting as you can automate and make various stages of entry – error free.

The Oracle Fusion Cloud also automates the process of expense claims which enables to fast track the entire process of human approvals and decision with respect to expense pay-outs etc. can happen very fast. The system can read contents from the image of a bill submitted by using its OCR technology. Once it reads the same, it can classify it into buckets such as travel, food, client meeting etc. Its inbuilt AI can accept or reject the claims as per the policy and approval rules that it has learnt.

Its AI/ML capabilities enable it to learn and listen to the interactions between people with peers and people with systems. This enables it to not only decide as per rules but also build context and act intelligently – just like human beings would.

Seamless integration wit internal systems and collaboration

The Oracle Fusion Cloud suite seamlessly integrates with systems within the organization and enables people across departments to collaborate easily. The operational efficiency soars once Oracle Fusion Cloud is adopted by the organization and the results on productivity and top line are just a natural corollary.

The last Upgrade

With Oracle Fusion Cloud, you can permanently get rid of the hassles of having to upgrade the application to newer version repeatedly. Just like a smartphone, the new updates will be available and automatic updates will be enabled to ensure that you are always using the latest version of the Oracle Fusion Cloud.

Powering SaaS based businesses

Unlike the traditional license model, SaaS based businesses run on subscriptions. A key angle for businesses is to manage the periodic subscriptions – Monthly, Yearly etc. With Oracle Fusion Cloud, the entire process of managing a subscription request, processing it, realizing payments, and managing the subscription cycles have become very easy. Are you a SaaS based business? If yes, are you leveraging Oracle Fusion Cloud for the above?

What’s more, it can enable automated management of Account payables and receivables. It can track each transaction and apply its AI/ML capabilities to validate the transactions and categorise it as an authentic one or a fraud transaction.

Talent Management

With Oracle HCM, enterprises can enable to seamlessly source, onboard, and manage the entire experience of employees. The entry to exit capabilities is a much needed and important feature that customers are seeking today.

Voice Search

With Oracle Fusion Cloud, an intelligent voice interface enables business users to talk their way to the right information – literally. The navigation to the exact information is seamless and the results are easy collaboration and faster decision making.

Optimize existing IT footprint

Oracle Fusion Cloud enables you to seamlessly add plug-ins, widgets etc and customize it to suit their requirements. Organizations can add their existing data repositories and information to it to derive insights and reports from this data and accelerate informed decision making.

Scalable, Secure and Robust

Oracle Fusion Cloud is scalable and can easily accommodate future technology disruptions to stay ahead of the curve.  With virtually no effort required on upgrades and updates, and with enhance security due to it being on Oracle Cloud, it can be a major driver of value across the organizations and its key departments such as Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc.

Have you experienced Oracle Fusion Cloud yet? Would you like to explore it to gauge if it suits your business requirements? Reach out to us. We can offer you a 30-minute consulting session for free.

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