Our CSR Initiatives

The Clover Group was founded by the Tapia family in 1974. Clover Infotech Private Limited (CIPL) is one of the major companies of Clover Group, incorporated in the year 1994. The endeavor in all projects undertaken by Clover Group (be it in Information Technology, Realty and Infrastructure or Solar Power) is to ensure a brighter future.

Accordingly, Clover Infotech firmly believes in extending this endeavor of providing a brighter future through charitable activities with the objective of giving back to the society, especially to the less fortunate. The company’s CSR activities are undertaken through various Trusts/Societies as prescribed under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and are in accordance with the Company’s CSR Policy. 

Neelam Tapia, wife of the Chairman Javed Tapia, heads the CSR activities for the Clover Group of Companies.

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About Tapia Charitable Trust

Clover Infotech Pvt. Ltd (CIPL) provides financial aid to Tapia Charitable Trust (TCT) for Education; Health Care; Shelter Homes for Children and disabled and physically challenged children managed and run by various NGO’s. Tapia Charitable Trust also donates to Charitable Hospitals for purchase of High-end Medical and Diagnostic Equipment and Health Care facilities to poor and needy patients. Direct Medical Aid is also given to deserving Individuals and donations to Old Age Homes.

Tapia Charitable Trust provides daily food packets and ration kits to the poor and needy in Mumbai City as also in remote village areas. Recently, the Tapia Charitable Trust donated significantly to the Breach Candy Hospital for enabling the people of a village near Mumbai to get vaccinated for COVID-19.


As a commitment to the environment we live in, CIPL engages in adopting various abandoned parks and gardens, and landscaping and beautifying the same.


Our endeavor to realize a brighter future can only be fulfilled if children and senior citizens are looked after very well. This forms the bedrock of an ideal society. CIPL supports many old age homes and orphanages in Mumbai and Pune. Medicines, food, clothes, and blankets are regularly supplied to these homes as well as few widow homes in Mumbai. CIPL also ensures regular supply of computers, school bags, stationery, medicines etc. to the students in the orphanages.

Brighter Future Initiatives

At Clover Infotech, we firmly believe that charity begins at home. Hence, we are actively engaged in contributing towards the welfare of the local community. We make a difference through several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Our employees organize and contribute to welfare programs, especially for the elderly and children and support the activities of various Non-Government Organizations (NGOs); some of which are listed below:

Recent CSR Activities (FY’23)

Society for the Education of the Challenged (SEC)

SEC educates and rehabilitates children and adults with physical and multiple disabilities from a low economic background to mainstream them to become productive members of society. SEC employees special therapists for various categories of child development such as physical aspects, behavioral aspects, and writing skills. SEC is also running schools for the challenged children and adults. During the year, TCT has donated an amount of Rs. 11 lacs for the maintenance and upkeep of the Naigaon (Maharashtra) School Unit of SEC. 

Catalysts for Social Action (CSA)

CSA is an Indian NGO that works towards creating and ensuring a brighter future for every child under institutional care. They have been working since 2002 as catalysts by leveraging existing institutions and empowering them to improve child outcomes and enhance the quality of care to children. CSA partners with Child Care Institutions (CCIs) to improve and enhance the quality of care for the children. TCT has donated to CSA an amount of Rs. 8 lacs during the year for a project ‘Adopt a Home’, which was utilized to support 40 boys between the age group of 6 to 18 years residing in Alandi (Maharashtra) in terms of basic and developmental inputs in the areas of Health Care, Hygiene, Day to Day Essentials, Education and Learning with Fun Activities and Aftercare Initiatives.

M.H. Saboo Siddique Maternity Hospital

M.H. Saboo Siddique Maternity Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in Mumbai. It has General / Private and ICU wards catering to people from lower and middle income group. They offer free and discounted services to needy patients for Diagnostic and Health Care. TCT has donated Rs.4 Lacs towards the subsidized medical expenses for the poor and needy patients. TCT has also donated Rs.10,50,000/- for the purchase of a Ultrasound Machine to be used in the ICU department of the hospital.

In addition to the donations mentioned above, Tapia Charitable Trust has donated about Rs. 20 lacs to various NGO’s and Groups such as Giants Group, Zoya Charitable Trust, Ishaki Grain Store and King Kitchen Catering towards free ration and distribution of food and clothing to the poor and needy people as well as deserving widows.

Past CSR Activities

Glimpses of CSR Initiatives