CSR initiatives by the Clover Group

The Clover Group was founded by the Tapia Family in 1974. The endeavour in all projects undertaken by Clover Group (be it in Information Technology, Realty and Infrastructure or Solar Power) is to ensure a brighter future.

The Clover Group firmly believes in extending this endeavour of providing a brighter future through charitable activities. With the objective of giving back to the society, especially to the less fortunate, Clover Group established the Tapia Charitable Trust (TCT). It has been actively working to improve the standard of education and health while also playing its part in poverty alleviation activities.

The Clover Group’s CSR activities are undertaken through The Tapia Charitable Trust (TCT).

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As a commitment to the environment we live in, the Clover Group engages in adopting various abandoned parks and gardens, and landscaping and beautifying the same.


Our endeavour to realize a brighter future can only be fulfilled if children and senior citizens are looked after very well. This forms the bedrock of an ideal society. The Clover Group supports many old age homes and orphanages in Mumbai and Pune. Medicines, food, clothes, and blankets are regularly supplied to these homes as well as few widow homes in Mumbai. The Group also ensures regular supply of computers, school bags, stationery, medicines etc. to the students in the orphanages.

Brighter Future initiatives

At Clover Infotech, we firmly believe that charity begins at home. Hence, we are actively engaged in contributing towards the welfare of the local community. We make a difference through several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Our employees organize and contribute to welfare programs, especially for the elderly and children and support the activities of various Non-Government Organizations (NGOs); some of which are listed below:

Recent Activities

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