Oracle WebCenter Services

Oracle WebCenter Services offered by Clover Infotech is an open platform with pervasive services that content-enable business processes. With the internet and mobile garnering an overwhelming mindshare of the people, companies and brands have realized the importance of user experience management, especially on digital channels.

The website is no more just a source of information on the company/ product or brand. It is a fountainhead of information about the product/ service being offered. The websites of today talk to customers and prospects. It gives solutions that are aptly customized to their requirements.

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Oracle’s WebCenter suite comprises a set of user engagement products that enhance the interaction with the customer / partners / employees by providing them relevant and meaningful information. It also enables the business users to directly upload content on the website (through a content management system) and allows marketing teams to schedule campaigns and geo-target them. Mainly, it acts as a link between people (customer, partners employee), processes, and information besides enabling them to handle a complete range of portal, content management, Web experience management, and collaboration technologies.


A strong content management product which is robust, scalable and reliable. Acts as a robust repository/documentation which is also a process centric application for other products in the suite. Solutions around WebCenter content enables a compelete content Life cycle management.

Employee onboarding – Automating the employee on-boarding activity


Employee Management


Regulatory requirements (income tax/ visa)


Document storage

Oracle WebCenter Portal

A robust responsive intranet/extranet portal product which creates intuitive portals, composite applications and mash-ups with integrated application content for web & mobile interface. Some solutions built using this WebCenter Portal are as follows

Intranet (Internal Portal for employees)

  • Agent Portal
  • Office automation
  • Expense Management integrated with ERP
  • MIS Reporting
  • Travel Request (Domestic/International)
  • Library Management system

Library Management system

It is a cloud base platform to easily and quickly build engaging, integrated and dynamic portal for every part of your business. It make developing portals very efficient with Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud, you can set up your portal cloud environment within minutes. While we handle the installation, configuration and infrastructure for you so that you can rapidly focus on rapidly designing and deploying portal and on innovative business solutions saving your time and money.With few clicks you can add capacity, schedule automated backups or restore from any point of time. You have full monitoring and adminstrative control.
Scale as your business demands. Imagine you are anticipating an increased demand during an upcoming holiday season. You can scale up your operations at will, right from the dashboard. Holiday season over? Scale operations down.
WebCenter Portal Cloud is subscription based, pay only for what you need monthly or hourly. Not only it lets you quickly build a new business solution in cloud, you can also migrate an existing on-premises portal to WebCenter portal cloud while securely extending existing user information to the cloud.
  • It is the same technology in the cloud, fast reliable and available around the clock. Use the endless integration possibilities in the cloud to extend your application.
  • Integrate with content management solutions to collabrate and get secure access to files and folders anywhere, anytime.
  • Based on your business needs, create highly interactive cloud to cloud integrations with Software as a service or SaaS application and cloud to on-premise integrations with on premises business applications.
  • With enterprises based security, your user needs to sign in only once to access the entire integrated business solution from any devices.
  • Deliver a high value integral digital experience to your users

Oracle WebCenter Site

It empowers organizations to deliver an exceptional digital experience to customers through agility in content creation, longer visitor engagement with easy to market. Features like drag and drop style page building, A/B testing, enhanced content analytics, visitor profile management, targeting and mobile delivery etc. making the complete web experience smooth and agile.

Solutions built using this WebCenter Portal are as follows

  • Corporate Website
  • Community Site
  • Forum
As shown below, WebCenter can be an ideal interface that enhances the power of communication between the company/ product/ brand and its customers/ target audience.

Value Proposition

  • Content authoring, approvals and division of work and multi-lingual capabilities
  • Portal wide search using endeca search integration
  • Campaign management and content scheduling
  • Contextual marketing: Location based, season based, demography based
  • Search engine optimization and creation of vanity URLs
  • Single sign on, social login, social sharing and partner widget integration:
  • Personalization
  • External content integration
  • Site analytics

Why Clover Infotech for Oracle WebCenter services?

We would like to list a few compelling reasons for you to get us on board:
  • A team of experts on WebCenter with hands-on experience of having developed websites, intranet portals and communities for leading companies
  • A robust portal technologies unit with expertise across various technologies including Java
  • Excellent understanding of the digital landscape, comprehensive website creation capabilities and experience in building mission critical mobility solutions
  • Deep understanding of content management systems (CMS) and integration of various content sources to enables seamless information management
  • Strong domain expertise and in-house experts in digital marketing and analytics to augment the usefulness of the platform and enable contextual targeting.


An Insurance company created multi lingual (9 languages)

Why use Oracle Webcenter Services ? [Infographic]

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