Center of Excellence (CoE)

At Clover Infotech, we have served the most reputed organizations in India as well as emerging start-ups for more than 25 years. Unlike our peer IT services companies, we have always been focused on India and have enabled our customers to gain a cutting-edge over their competitors by cost-effectively providing them with the best-of-the-breed technology solutions.

The cost and margin pressures that we have, thus, had to navigate has been tremendous. The genesis of our Center of Excellence (CoE) was to provide the best-in-class solutions and services to all our customers, albeit cost and margin pressures. It required us to be ahead of the curve in terms of understanding new-age technology solutions and innovative approaches. We also had to align with our OEM partners such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM etc. and build capabilities across new areas. The CoE has, since its inception, focused on three pillars namely – Innovation and Research to deliver cost-effective and efficient technology solutions, enhancement of quality of service delivery, and capability building through the Clover Academy.

The three pillars of the CoE and its effectiveness in driving our operational excellence is as below:

Research and Innovation: 

The best talent that we have across technology and domain become part of the Center of Excellence (CoE). They bring in experience and expertise into the CoE. They constantly research on new-age technologies and create prototypes, demos, and solutions in our CoE Labs. The CoE, thus, become the first port-of-call for our Delivery and Customer facing teams as they are in a constant quest to enhance “Value to the customers” in every engagement of ours.

The “research and innovation” unit focuses on three areas to enable Digital Transformation of the customers. These three areas include:

Customer Centric: Transforms the end-user experience for our customers with solutions across websites, mobile applications, chatbots, and other AI-enabled interface solutions.

Business Centric: Transforms the customers business operations by enabling them to modernize and build cloud-native applications landscape. The team ensures that core applications including ERP, CRM, SCM and Financials etc. can evolve from legacy systems to best-in-class cloud native solutions.

Platform Centric: Transforms and enhances the enterprise’s capability of developing and enhancing their systems and applications on robust and new-age technology platforms. Our team empowers customers to select apt platforms, to migrating to newer platforms – on-premise as well as on cloud and optimize returns on their “Platform” investments.

The new-age technologies that our CoE focuses on include: Intelligent Automation and Hyperautomation, Cybersecurity, Cloud-native Applications and supporting Platforms, “Content and Experience” management systems etc.


Training and Capacity Building:

The CoE comprises our best human capital. Our strength is our in-house knowledge and training arm – Clover Academy. The unit is responsible for creating professionals who are not only technically competent but are also trained on soft skills and communication skills. The Academy forms a part of the CoE. The experts from the CoE play a key role in the curriculum of Academy courses, and training of the batches conducted at Clover Academy. Thus, the CoE establishes a self-fuelling growth model wherein it builds capabilities through the Academy to create the next set of bright minds for the CoE as well as execution experts who serve our customers efficiently.

Quality and Service Excellence: 

Clover Infotech is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. More importantly, we ensure that processes are scripted for each function, especially services and project delivery. Each process is transparently communicated to the customer and once we receive the required signoffs, the processes are documented and strictly adhered. Our Quality and Service Excellence teams constantly monitor the delivery across our customers, gauge customer satisfaction scores through surveys, interviews etc. and recommend measures for improvement in service delivery excellence. The CoE’s innovation team and experts constantly complement the customer facing delivery teams to ensure high value and RoI for each customer that we serve.