OFSAA Implementation & Support

In today’s turbulent markets, financial institutions require a better understanding of their risk-return, while strengthening competitive advantage and enhancing long-term customer value. Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) enable financial institutions to measure and meet risk adjusted performance objectives, cultivate a risk management culture through transparency, lower the costs of compliance and regulation, and improve insight into customer behaviour.

OFSAA uses industry-leading analytical methods, shared data model and applications architecture to enable integrated risk management, performance management, customer insight, and compliance management. OFSAA actively incorporates risk into decision making, enables to achieve a consistent view of performance, promote a transparent risk management culture, and provide pervasive intelligence.

OFSAA delivers a comprehensive, integrated suite of financial services analytical applications for both banking and insurance domain. It helps financial institutions to:

  • Mitigate Risk
  • Drive Profitability
  • Accelerate Financial Reporting
  • Improve Compliance

Why Clover Infotech?

The data often resides in multiple sources with multiple owners. Legacy systems require specialized skills to extract data, which needs to be transformed to ensure consistency. The OFSAA Data Model also has its own data precision requirements. These factors make OFSAA data management a complex task for financial institutions. Clover Infotech’s OFSAA implementation and support services help financial institutions to address these challenges. Our partnership with Oracle and deep domain expertise can enable you to derive maximum value out of your OFSAA investment.

How does it work?


Clover Infotech Advantage:


  • Extensive expertise in BFSI
  • Preferred managed services partner
  • Transformational collaboration with alliances (Oracle)


  • SLA compliant support engagements
  • Comprehensive 24×7 on-site and remote support
  • Support across versions (4.x & 8.x)
  • 30+ Oracle certified experts across L0 to L3


  • COE escalations management & enhancements
  • Delivery empowering risk management through technology
  • Clover Academy capacity building & continuity

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