Digital Services

Technological convergence has led to the genesis of the very powerful internet enabled smartphones. These devices have virtually erased the very thin line that existed between customers and brands. They meet virtually in real-time at the “user interface”. The result – a huge fillip in digital transformation and digital customer engagement.

It is imperative for enterprises in this “digital” age to become extremely agile and fluid to remain competitive. Low-code development platforms, faster time-to-market, consistent omni-channel experiences, curated customer journeys and data analytics across customer behaviour and interaction patterns are critical differentiators that enable enterprises to succeed.

Our “Digital Services” portfolio enables our customers to create immersive experiences, enhance revenue and brand recall, and amplify employee productivity by enabling them to save time spent on non-productive and redundant activities. Our digital services also enable enterprises to simplify digital journeys for their end-customers, scale and rollout new initiatives at break-neck speeds and modernize applications and solutions to suit the demands of ever-dynamic business and technology environment.

Our team begins by offering a digital workshop which enables us to gauge the customer’s digital transformation readiness, their objectives and areas of digital enhancement, and key performance metrics, to create a digital charter for them with anticipated results. The charter is implemented by our team once the customer is in complete alignment with our recommendations.

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    Our “Digital Services” portfolio comprises three services across the following digital platforms:


    Oracle Content and Experience (OCE)


    Oracle Multi-Experience Development Platform (MXDP)


    Oracle WebCenter