Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Enterprises that have in-depth and accurate insights about their business operations, market dynamics and customer’s experience with their product or service are likely to be the leaders in their respective sectors.

Business intelligence (BI) will tell you where to find these insights, how to make sense of it and how to deploy it for business acceleration and profitability.

Most of the enterprises that operate today understand the significance and value of Business Intelligence. They want to build seamless BI Applications, robust Big Data Infrastructure and Enterprise Data Warehouses, and powerful reporting solutions. The evolution from Database Management to Business Intelligence and Business Analytics is a long journey but you can start wherever you are in this journey – Right here. Right now.

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    The Foundations of our Business Intelligence Solutions

    When we try to build Business Intelligence solutions for our customers, we ask ourselves the following questions:

    • Will our solution offer secure access to key customer metrics?
    • Can it be accessed ubiquitously across multiple channels such as web, mobile etc.?
    • Will it seamlessly integrate with the customer’s existing BI ecosystem?
    • Will it offer multi-dimensional analysis and visualization frameworks to aid informed decision making?
    • Can the solution offer comprehensive BI reports which are accessed through a self-serve interface?
    • Will it be able to create a low-code environment and plug-and-play interface for the customer’s business users to make swift yet accurate strategic decisions?

    Our BI Solutions address each of the above questions in the affirmative and it transforms into strategic business value for our customers.

    Why Business Intelligence for your Enterprise?

    Today, an enterprise can flourish or perish depending on just one key factor – the degree of adoption of digital transformation.

    Data confined in siloes add zilch value to businesses. However, this data in the relevant form at the relevant place in enterprise systems and analysis processes creates “Value”. Business Intelligence (BI) is the conduit from mere data to strategic value.

    The journey from data to value is not easy. It involves extraction of data across diverse form factors from myriad data sources. The processes of Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) into a data warehouse and setting the stage for BI is extremely critical.

    The refined and massaged data post ETL equipped with the BI solutions capability to offer multi-dimensional views accelerates accurate and timely decision making. This, often, translates into top-line and bottom-line growth and brand building. 

    Can BI solutions transform your business operations and strategic capabilities?

    We combine our technical expertise across Database Management, Data Warehousing and BI with our domain expertise across industries, especially BFSI. This approach enables us to create BI solutions which align with the customer’s objectives and deliver sharp insights that are mostly predictive. It empowers you as follows:

    Business Augmentation

    Our BI solutions seamlessly integrate with customer’s CRM and derive in-depth insights that can translate into business augmentation initiatives backed by data. The highly accurate insights have a higher probability of enabling business acceleration and brand recall augmentation.

    Productivity Amplification

    Our BI solutions can offer a holistic view of the enterprise, identify pockets of high and low productivity and non-core redundant activities and re-align the workforce to enhance productivity per employee, which is directly co-related to revenue per employee.

    Customer Knowledge

    New-generation BI solutions and robust Data Warehouses can leverage the proliferation of digital touchpoints-led customer engagement to gather a wealth of customer information. This knowledge is extremely useful for accurate targeting, launch of new products/services, contextual marketing across channels etc.

    Operational Efficiency

    Our BI Solutions can analyze the data across each process in the organization, identify anomalies and inconsistencies, and address them to ensure seamless operations. The BI solutions become smart overtime and predict and prevent process discrepancies. This directly augments efficiency of operations across the enterprise.

    Strategic Decision-making

    Decision making at the highest levels in an enterprise is valuable only if it is timely and accurate. This, in turn, is directly co-related to the power of BI solutions used and the understanding of the domain so that the sharp insights can be employed for business success as required.

    Data Security

    By analyzing traffic across entry points into the organization’s application layer and underlying IT infrastructure, BI solutions are capable of detecting suspicious patterns, threats and cyberattack possibilities and mitigating these risks to safeguard and maintain the integrity of enterprise data at all times.

    Business Analytics

    By combining insights from external sources, BI solutions can lay the foundations on which more robust analytics solutions can be employed. These solutions can process all data including the archived and unstructured to enhance accuracy of insights derived. These insights are invaluable for businesses as it can ensure success across its key performance indicators.


    Our team comprises certified BI solution experts across both open-source and closed source BI tools as mentioned below:

    SAP: Business Objects

    Oracle BI: OBIEE,OBIEA, Discoverer

    Microsoft BI: SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Power BI




    Clover Infotech’s Business Intelligence Offering

    Whatever stage of the BI/ Analytics journey you may be in, Clover Infotech has the apt solution that is required and most suited for your business.

    Right from combining data from disparate sources, to creating a data warehouse, to implementing BI and reporting solutions – our teams have experts with extensive BI experience. Our domain experts constantly collaborate with our customers to ensure perfect synchronization between the customer’s business objectives and our BI solution configuration.

    Our Value Proposition

    • Competent BI team with experts across closed source and open-source BI solutions
    • Domain experts with deep business knowledge across sectors especially Banking and Insurance
    • Flexible delivery models to enable customers to gain maximum business advantage
    • Creation of a data and insight-driven business model which leads to accurate decision making
    • Seamless integration with existing analytics tools and implementation of BI solutions cost-effectively to enhance return on IT investments

    Solutions across the Business Intelligence Lifecycle

    We offer comprehensive BI solutions right from consulting during the pre-BI stage, to implementation of BI solutions, to integration with the existing ecosystem, and post-implementation support and maintenance.

    BI Consulting

    Are we ready for take the plunge into BI and Analytics? An important question that bothers almost all enterprises. However, answers are not easy. That is where we come in. We enable the customer to understand if they would need to create a data warehouse. We will further empower them with information and recommendations for selection of the apt BI tools and solutions as per their business goals. 

    Data Warehouse and BI Development

    From creation of the BI ecosystem to ensuring self-serve interface for extracting insights – we do it all. Our BI solutions include hardware consulting, technology recommendations, data warehouse creation, setting up ETL and data cleaning processes, delivering OLAP/ROLAP systems, as well as selling software licenses.

    Data Visualization and Reporting

    Visualization of data enables faster understanding and presents business users with astute clarity to accelerate decisions. Based on the customer’s goals and key performance indicators (KPI), we can create neat dashboards that present data in an easy to comprehend format to enable well-informed decisions. Our BI solutions also include creation of reports per business user across multiple dimensions.

    BI Maintenance and Testing

    Implementing a BI solution is only the first step for us. We ensure seamless functioning of the BI systems including maintenance of integrations to ensure smooth data flow. We also conduct thorough testing of data warehouses and ETL as well as reports. Stress testing and performance tuning enable us to empower our customer with the latest in BI without having to incur additional costs.

    BI Re-implementation and Support

    When our customers implement a BI solution, which does not provide accurate insights and negatively impacts RoI, our team can take over and recommending performance enhancement techniques. We conduct technology audits to find out the technical compatibilities, performance issues and areas of improvement. We recommend a plan to tune the performance of existing solution as well as to enable the customer to undertake a complete re-implementation.


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