Managed SIEM Services

With organizations opening their networks to embrace new digital business models, they are experiencing an exponential rise in the number of cyberattacks that they face every day. There are many illegal ways of accessing business and network information which can compromise your data integrity, intellectual property, and critical business assets. Proper collection and correlation of log and event data is imperative for effective cybersecurity. However, with the threat landscape evolving at an unprecedented rate, reviewing and extracting actionable intelligence from security event logs has become one of the most time-consuming tasks. This is where SIEM comes in.

Leverage SIEM’s capabilities to mitigate risks

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an approach to security management that combines SIM (Security Information Management) and SEM (Security Event Management) functions into one security management system. SIEM is a proven and systematic approach to centralize log monitoring and observe unwanted behaviors and events across your organization. They aggregate data from multiple systems and analyze that data to catch abnormal behavior or potential cyberattacks.

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    Why is SIEM Important?

    The reason an organization needs a SIEM solution to monitor the systems and report suspicious activities is that the amount of data an average organization generates nowadays is too much to handle manually. The following are three of the main reasons why organizations need a SIEM solution:

    Detecting Incidents

    An SIEM solution detects incidents that otherwise can go unnoticed. This technology analyzes the log entries to detect indicators of malicious activity. Moreover, since it gathers events from all sources across the network, the system can reconstruct the attack timeline to help determine its nature and impact. The platform communicates recommendations to security controls –for example, directing a firewall to block the malicious content.

    Compliance with Regulations

    Organizations use SIEM to adhere to compliance requirements by generating reports that address all logged security events among these sources. Without a SIEM, an organization need to manually retrieve log data and compile the reports.

    Incident Management

    SIEM improves incident management by allowing the security team to identify an attack’s route across the network, identifying the compromised sources and providing the automated mechanisms to stop the attacks in progress.

    Benefits of using SIEM

    SIEM solutions provide a holistic view of what is happening on a network in real-time and help IT teams to be more proactive in the fight against security threats. The main reason behind using SIEM as a Service by the organization is that SIEM easily detects suspicious activity, unknown login, and many other threats that are difficult to detect manually.

    In the recent years, SIEM has evolved to include advanced analytics such as user behavior analytics (UBA), network flow insights and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate detection as well as integrate seamlessly with security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platforms for incident response and remediation.

    SIEM solutions help the organizations to,

    • Increase efficiency
    • Provide forensic and incident cause
    • Identify insider threats and detect advanced threats
    • Reduce the impact of security breaches
    • Uncover data exfiltration
    • Enhance resource utilization and IT productivity
    • Improve IT compliance
    • Better manage reporting and log analysis

    SIEM Process

    How can a managed SIEM service from Clover Infotech help?

    SIEM can be enhanced by consulting and managed services to help with a threat management program, policy management and augmenting security staff. Clover Infotech’s managed SIEM offering provides greater visibility to IT security, enhance protection of information, assets and processes, and helps organizations to comply with various industry regulations. Choose Clover Infotech for:


    • Comprehensive SIEM Service Offering: Consultation | Implementation | Maintenance, and Support
    • Quick and hassle-free service deployment: With hands-on experience in SIEM and strong technology partnership with IBM, we extend the capabilities of IBM QRadar helping enterprises to resist possible security threats and data breaches.
    • An agnostic approach to tool selection: Our team of experts guide you in the right direction for defining and constructing a criterion for selecting the most appropriate SIEM solution for your business needs. 
    • Better return on investment: Our solution team ensures that we deploy the SIEM solution in the most effective way possible to maximize returns on your SIEM investment.

    Our Partner:

    IBM was named a Leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for SIEM. With IBM QRadar, you can gain comprehensive insights, quickly detect and prioritize potential threats, gain feedback to continuously improve detection.


    Key Features of IBM QRadar:

    • Available on-premises as well as in a Cloud environment
    • Provides a scalable, centralized, and flexible platform
    • Applies built-in analytics to accurately detect threats
    • Correlates activities to prioritize incidents
    • Automatically parses and normalizes logs
    • Flexible architecture can be deployed on-premise or on cloud
    • Highly scalable, self-tuning, and self-managing database
    • Ingest vast amounts of data from on-premise and cloud sources

    Modes of Engagement

    Save time, money, and effort and ensure security by letting Clover Infotech experts handle your SIEM. Our engagement models are designed to address your SIEM requirement in terms of resources, responsibilities, deliverables, infrastructure etc. We understand that every requirement is different and hence, we offer a range of engagement models comprising of:

    • Managed Services (onsite/offshore)
    1. Consulting
    2. Implementation
    3. Support
    • Professional Services
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