Web and Portals

With the internet and mobile garnering an overwhelming mindshare of the people, companies and brands have realized the importance of user experience management, especially on digital channels. 

The website is no more just a source of information on the company/ product or brand. It is a fountainhead of information about the product/ service being offered. The websites of today talk to customers and prospects. It gives solutions that are aptly customized to their requirements.

Webcenter Suite of products:

Oracle’s webcenter suite comprises a set of user engagement products that enhance the interaction with the customer by providing them relevant and meaningful information. It also enables the business users to directly upload content on the website (through a content management system) and allows marketing teams to schedule campaigns and geo-target them. 

The Webcenter suite comprises of the following products:

  • Oracle Webcenter Content
  • Oracle Webcenter Sites 
  • Oracle Webcenter Portal  

As shown below, webcenter can be an ideal interface that enhances the power of communication between the company/ product/ brand and its customers/ target audience.

Value Proposition: 

  • Content authoring, approvals and division of work and multi-lingual capabilities  
  • Portal wide search using endeca search integration 
  • Campaign management and content scheduling
  • Contextual marketing: Location based, season based, demography based
  • Search engine optimization and creation of vanity URLs
  • Single sign on, social login, social sharing and partner widget integration:
  • Personalization 
  • External content integration  
  • Site analytics 

Why should you opt for Clover Infotech’s Oracle Webcenter services?

We would like to list a few compelling reasons for you to get us on board:

  • A team of experts on Webcenter with hands-on experience of having developed websites, intranet portals and communities for leading companies
  • A robust portal technologies unit with expertise across various technologies including Java 
  • Excellent understanding of the digital landscape, comprehensive website creation capabilities and experience in building mission critical mobility solutions
  • Deep understanding of content management systems (CMS) and integration of various content sources to enables seamless information management 
  • Strong domain expertise and in-house experts in digital marketing and analytics to augment the usefulness of the platform and enable contextual targeting. 

SharePoint Services: 

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a web-application platform which perfectly amalgamates the functions required for creating communication medium for the organization. These include intranet and internet websites as well as dedicated portals for customer and target users. It also bring together web content management and document management and also workflow management. SharePoint enables the creation of internal social networks as well on the platform and enables to provide administration rights to business and functional users. This enables the IT to focus more on core competencies by releasing bandwidth spent on administrative tasks with respect to online content. 

Why should you select Clover Infotech’s SharePoint Services?

  • Dedicated team of over 30 consultants
  • Extensive experience in executing projects on SharePoint across India’s leading Banks and Insurance companies
  • Strong expertise and experience in web and portal technologies 
  • An in-house Academy to train and nurture talent and prepare them for critical projects on SharePoint

Open Source Technologies

Apart from closed source products dealing in website and portal based technologies, we have expert consultants who handle projects in open source portal and collaboration platforms such as LifeRay