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Building a career vs Doing a Job
If the former is what you are looking for, then Clover Academy is the right place for you.

What is Clover Academy?
The evolving IT industry needs technology experts. There is such a massive disconnect between what is taught in colleges and what the industry expects. After graduation, most of the freshers have only theoretical knowledge, so there is a gap between the fresher’s knowledge and industry’s expectatio. Having identified this need, we have set up a ‘Knowledge arm of Clover Infotech’ to prepare the next generation IT workforce. And that’s where Clover Academy comes in – to help freshers gain practical exposure and the required training. 

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Clover Academy – has been providing technology training since the last 10 years. Clover Academy has prepared over 1000 industry ready professionals in these years.

What’s in it for freshers?
Clover Academy will provide you with excellent training, skills and confidence required to begin a successful career.  We expose the trainees to the latest technologies and give them an opportunity to apply their learning and knowledge in the workplace. This enables them to contribute towards developing great solutions. With our vast array of career opportunities and training, we help them to discover their potential and become “highly sought” technology experts.

Why Clover Academy?
Based on our experience of building careers  for more than a decade, we have identified key elements which can transform trainees into experts in multiple technology areas.

Clover Academy Model


Classroom training:
We keep ourselves aligned with the latest technology trends and keep enhancing our syllabus. Training is delivered by our technology experts having more than 10 years of training experience. We ensure that trainees are allowed to choose the technology of their choice from among the technologies we cover in our training. Trainees are continually evaluated during the training period and we ensure that they are given every opportunity to develop the requisite skills.

On-the-Job training:
We provide excellent On-the-Job training in our workplace. It is highly effective because you are using a normal working situation as the basis for your learning. It gives you real-time experience of working on multiple projects. This means you are:

  1.  Learning on-the-job
  2.  Gaining experience of working on live projects and dealing with your actual tasks and challenges

Overall Development
For us, your professional development begins right from the day you join. While we train you on the specified technology, we believe that building your communication skills, presentation skills, work ethics, adhering to the company culture etc. are equally important. Hence we facilitate focused training and workshops to develop your knowledge and skills in these areas and contribute to your overall professional development – a real kick-start to your career.


Knowledge sharing from the Clover Academy Alumni and Tech Experts – ‘Aspire’ and ’Emerge’
‘Aspire’ is a unique platform wherein Clover Academy Alumni will interact with the current trainee batches to share industry experiences, advice on the progression from Clover Academy to the industry and how it has enriched their professional life.

‘Emerge’ is an interactive platform which brings together Clover Infotech’s technology experts and the trainees at Clover Academy. Each Emerge session sees one of our technology experts sharing their industry experience with academy trainees. They also share their views on dealing with clients, ensuring professional conduct and representing the Clover brand well at all times. The trainees also get an opportunity to ask them questions, derive insights and learn from their experiences which will be important when they work and interact with the customers of the company. These sessions also enable to envision a career path and prepare for the same.

Growth prospects
Clover Academy has created very skilled professionals and most of them are playing important roles in their respective companies. We have our alumni working with globally renowned brands such as Ernst & Young, JP Morgan, Oracle, IBM, Accenture, TCS, Cognizant among others.

Technologies Covered
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