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AIX Admin


2-4 Years



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1. HMC operations :- Creating/Modifying  LPAR Profiles, Modifying resources (CPU, Memory & IOs) using DLPAR, Shutdown/Reboot/ Dump collection  using HMC

2. OS installation/Migration :- Must be aware of instllation / migration using CD/DVD, NIM, mksysb Restore, alt_clone.

3. OS Patching/ Packages installation :-Must be aware of TL/SP upgrades using alt_disk_copy/ NIM, Package installation using smitty / RPM etc

4. Backup / Restore :- Must be aware about all the standard methods like mksysb, tar, cp/scp, sftp/nfs, alt_clone

5. Troubleshooting :- Must be aware about how to fix boot/fsck issues using maintainance modes.Errpt basic understanding & analysis

6. USER/Group Administration :- Must be aware about password policy/ changing ownership / user profile / configuring shell / path,  autossh configuration etc

7. LVM Administration :- Must be aware about filesystem creations/ LVM mirroring concepts / Storage migration concepts.

8. Virtualization :- Must have knowledge about configuring NPIV/SEA/VNIC. Must be able to troubleshoot issues related to this

9. Monitoring :- Must be able to do the system monitoring using tools like topas/nmon/vmstat/iostat/svmon /sar

10. Should be able to take corrective action wherever required

11. PowerHA/Solaris/HP Unix :- Must have at least basic Knowledge in this domain. Must have good knowledge in VIO

Note- Above all points needs to be consider at senior level

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