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Why should you move to Oracle Fusion ERP?

  1. Performance: Oracle Fusion ERP is proven to be a superior system to manage your financials, supply chain, human capital etc.
  2. Modernization: The upgrade to Oracle Fusion ERP will be your last ever upgrade. Once you are on Oracle Fusion, Oracle will ensure that you are always on the current version.
  3. Cost: The total cost of ownership goes down significantly as Oracle Cloud will manage the tech infrastructure, the AMC, the hardware, and physical infrastructure maintenance costs.
  4. Security: Since the ERP is on Oracle Cloud, you can be assured of the highest levels of security and safety.
  5. Innovations: Oracle releases almost 30 innovations per track in a year which ensures that your ERP generates best-in-class ROI.
  6. Best Practices: Oracle Fusion ERP contains best practices to be followed across industry types, modules etc. and works seamlessly with other systems in the organization.

Why Clover Infotech?

  1. Clover PRESTO – (Pre-defined and Swift Transition to Oracle ERP Cloud) – Clover’s proven methodology of getting you home early by swift and seamless implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud is a winner!
  2. Experience – It has extensive experience in implementing Oracle ERP Cloud for its customers.
  3. Oracle@Clover – Clover has implemented Oracle ERP Cloud for itself and hence the team is always updated on the latest in Oracle ERP/Fusion Applications.
  4. Automation – Clover has enabled automation of various processes on Oracle ERP Cloud thereby enabling customers to enhance efficiency and enabling swift decision-making.

Learn how Clover Infotech can accelerate your journey to Oracle Fusion ERP and enhance your efficiency, performance, and decision-making.

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