Oracle Financial Cloud

Clover Infotech is among the few companies in the world that has implemented Oracle Financial Cloud for its customers and for itself.

Business Transformation; NOT just another technology implementation
Oracle Financial Cloud implementation is a business transformation and NOT a technology implementation. It can change the way you channel and focus your core resources to handle important aspects of your business operations.
When you decide to implement Oracle Financial Cloud, Oracle takes the responsibility of provisioning the Cloud infrastructure. Oracle manages its cloud and with it a set of challenges you might face including management of cloud infrastructure, data security, availability of applications etc.
 Your key personnel can then focus on aligning the benefits of Oracle Financial Cloud with business and creating solutions to leverage optimum returns on your Oracle Financial Cloud investments.

Adoption, NOT implementation
We believe implementing Oracle Financial Cloud is more than just a technology implementation. It’s a tectonic shift in your organizational culture and thought process. The company needs to adopt and embrace this move to realize its actual benefits. The company must allocate human resources, spend time and conduct periodic reviews to leverage the best from the Oracle Financial Cloud bouquet.
While you have already saved on CAPEX by deciding to migrate, have you thought about how the decision will help improve operational efficiency, business metrics and most importantly, the bottom line?

We do exactly that. And a little more.
At Clover Infotech, our Oracle Financial Cloud services is based on helping companies to adopt the Oracle financial cloud and leverage it to gain a strategic business advantage.
Our team spends adequate time to understand your business, your short-term and long-term goals etc. Our services are designed to empower you with four measurable benefits as below:
  •      Better Financial Controls: 
It includes Oracle Advanced Financial Controls, which implements models and controls that evaluate Financial transactions for fraud, error, or other risks.                 
  •      Enhanced business user productivity:
You can quickly see the performance of your organization up-to-the-minute data to help you answer your key business questions, prioritize and provide useful input into strategic decisions from any device
  •      Augmented data insight for strategic decision makers:
Enables better insight into the general ledger, allows other functional units to understand product or customer profitability, provides visibility into performance against budget, and highlights how staffing costs and employee or supplier performance correlate with increased revenue and customer satisfaction.
  •      Ubiquitous and secure availability of data: Ensure access to the data in a secure manner across channels such as mobile phones, tablet, and laptops. What’s more, Oracle Financial Cloud seamlessly integrates with existing applications by using the Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF Services), ADF Desktop Integration, File-Based Data Import, and reporting tools. The tool can also build workflows for seamless approval management and faster processing of payments.
  • Automation: Accounts Payables Automation can be done on Oracle Financial Cloud to enable automatic processing of Invoice Work area 
Accounts Payables Automation can be done on Oracle Financial Cloud to enable automatic processing of Invoice Work area 
These objectives require substantial engagement duration of at a year. Thus it is recommended to engage with us for full cycle of Financial Cloud Adoption. The full cycle consists of: 
  • Ground Preparation Phase - Working on your business outcome wish-list  
  • Adoption Phase - Data migration, user adoption  
  • Stabilization Phase - Performance improvements, security hardening  
  • Cool-down period - Deliberate embargo period to check application resilience  
  • Enhancement Phase - Mobility, Integration with other systems, Analytics  
  • Enrichment Phase - Automation