Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services

As a Cloud and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider, we understand the customer’s apprehensions with respect to adaptability, technology transformation and business transformation while moving to the Cloud. We have, accordingly, created two focused offerings which will address these concerns and enable you to achieve significant return on your IT investment.

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    Moving your On-premise Oracle Application and Infrastructure to the Oracle Cloud (IaaS Oracle)

    Oracle EBS | Oracle Workload | Non- Oracle Workload | VMWare/ Other VM | -> Oracle Cloud
    • Using “infrastructure-as-a-service” models: Organizations using applications such as Oracle ERP on-premise appreciate the value of moving to the Cloud. They are constantly looking for an easy and feasible method to move to the Cloud.
    • Navigating periodic hardware upgrades: As hardware investments approach the next refresh cycle, it warrants purchase of new hardware which leads to additional cost being incurred, thus diminishing returns on IT investment.
    • Managing CAPEX: The upfront capital expenditure on servers, ACs, hardware and personnel to manage on-premise infrastructure also puts additional strain on IT spends. It can be managed better by moving into the Cloud.
    • Enhanced Salability: Organizations with on-premise ERPs are not able to balance and accommodate additional periodic workloads. A cloud infrastructure can easily solve this problem.

    Moving your Oracle/ Oracle EBS workloads from AWS to Oracle Cloud

    Companies which run their Oracle applications on AWS cloud can seamlessly move to Oracle Cloud and leverage the benefits in terms of optimizing their pre-existing licenses and consistent high-performance

    Moving non-Oracle workloads to Oracle cloud

    Oracle infrastructure Cloud provides “lift-and-shift” approach to move your non-Oracle workloads from on-premise or from other Cloud vendors to Oracle Cloud. This helps customers to have a unified Cloud infrastructure for better management and cost-effectiveness.

    Why you should migrate to Oracle Cloud?

    Expert’s view: Mr. Shrikant Navelkar (Director- Oracle Relationships and US Business at Clover Infotech)

    Why Oracle IaaS makes sense ?

    When you think of modernizing or upgrading your IT infrastructure, Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a compelling option. It consists of all the components necessary to run your mission critical workloads. Oracle IaaS Cloud is complete, secured, elastic and highly cost-effective as compared to options provided by other Cloud service providers. Moreover, you can get better performance and value from your application by integrating it with other applications / business processes on-premise or on Cloud.

    The migration to Oracle Cloud through “Lift & Shift” method from on-premise and other Clouds is straightforward. Once migrated to Oracle Cloud, your application experiences a secured, elastic and open environment. More importantly, your business users get seamless user experience.

    Oracle Cloud is a complete Cloud. Once you move your applications to Infrastructure Cloud, you can transform them using various enhancements options available under Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS). Customers are using PaaS for Mobility, Data Visualization, Analytics, IoT and data integration with other business processes.

    Use cases for Oracle Infrastructure Cloud

    What kind of applications and environments should you move to Oracle IaaS cloud?

    • On-premise Oracle E-Business to Oracle Cloud
    • Oracle E-Business from AWS to Oracle Cloud
    • Development and Test environment to Oracle Cloud
    • Storage archive to Oracle Cloud
    • Migrate / Implement DR site on Oracle Cloud
    • Homegrown Oracle-based applications to Oracle Cloud
    • Migrate your VMWare applications to Cloud by preserving multiple VMs and networking topology

    When should you consider Oracle IaaS cloud?

    • When hardware refresh of existing infrastructure is due
    • When you are setting up a new application environment (Dev, Test, Production and DR)
    • When you are looking to reduce your Opex bills from other Cloud vendors
    • When your business imposes higher workloads periodically and you need elastic infrastructure


    Our consulting services

    Our comprehensive IaaS service will ensure a completely seamless migration to Oracle Cloud affecting your routine operations.

    Our post-migration support services

    Post-migration support is an integral part of our Oracle IaaS offerings. This is important to ensure that you get better performance on Cloud and your applications are highly secured. With our 24×7 support contract cover, your business applications will perform optimally and will be secured on Oracle Cloud

    How do we deliver?

    Our team will assess your Oracle applications and infrastructure, record your readiness to move to Oracle IaaS cloud, and give a report with our recommendations and findings
    We conduct 30 min workshop/ online WebEx session wherein the Clover team would explain the proposed methodology for seamlessly moving to the cloud
    We give you a complete proposal that details each aspect of moving to the Cloud, the cost involved, the timelines and the support that we will extend to ensure seamless business operations while we undertake this initiative.
    We migrate the on-premise Oracle applications to the Oracle IaaS. If you are already on AWS or any other Cloud platform, we enable you to seamlessly move to Oracle IaaS
    Our team supports during the UAT phase, and we also offer support post Cloud migration to enable you to run operations in an uninterrupted manner. We also offer a 6 month/ 1-year support for your Cloud infrastructure.

    Benefits of IaaS cloud services

    • Seamless Migration – Oracle Ksplice Technology requires No Shutdown while upgrading
    • Optimum Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – consumption-based approach, to provision workloads on a need basis as against owning the entire hardware
      • Elasticity and scalability – It has the ability to automatically scale due to unexpected events.
    • Local Presence
      • It can provide infrastructure in a geographic presence where clients do not have IT operations and to achieve compliance with local country regulations
    • Focus on business growth
      • Reduce time, money and energy spent making technology decisions and hiring staff to manage and maintain the technology infrastructure
    • Extract value from your software investments when moving to Oracle IaaS
      • You have already invested in Oracle Database and Applications. Why not derive more value from them? Moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure does exactly that
    • Consolidate your touchpoints for resolution of technical issues
      • With your Oracle apps is hosted on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you could rely on one entity to address all issues. This ensures seamlessness in business operations and augments growth.


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