In today’s world, a customer's profile is multifaceted with his relationship spanning, multiple banks and products, etc. Moreover, with the advent of multi-channel banking and technology advancements, customer expectations and demand for delight have changed drastically. To get a broader share of the customer portfolio banks to have to use the brief touch-points with their customers on any channel to rightly position and bundle multiple products that suit the customer profile.


Overview Oracle FLEXCUBE core banking solutions offer a seamless centralized and flexible experience that meets these new age requirements of the bank. Oracle FLEXCUBE architecture offers the capability to have origination triggered by any banking channel used by the customer. Banks can also predefine a tie-up of related products in its system for offering the customer a bundled product portfolio right at the time of a new application.
With Clover's expertise in the implementation of Oracle FLEXCUBE core banking solutions, it empowers banks to improved profitability and extended customer reach to conquer challenges of intense competition, narrow margins and it also enhances customer expectation. Financial institutions require core banking to interoperate with existing IT investments to eliminate information silos and create an end-to-end service-based infrastructure.
  • Large transaction volume processing round the clock.
  • Multiple delivery channel support
  • Security management covering application and role-based access
  • The service-oriented architecture supports agile business process management
  • Componentized architecture helps build scalable and reusable solutions

Benefits of Oracle FLEXCUBE

  • Empower customers for self-service :
  • Enable up-selling and cross-selling through intelligent dashboards
  • Drive higher fee Income with differentiated investment services
  • Monitor, manage and regulate processes, compliance and reporting
  • Deliver product extensibility and increase flexibility and interoperability

Need for Core Banking solution 

  • Replace legacy systems
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance
  • Improve information flow
  • Optimize customer value
  • Create a service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Oracle Flexcube Features

  • 24/7 processing of large transaction volumes, with high availability.
  • Multiple delivery channel support, including branches, ATMs, point-of sale terminals, call centers, mobile devices, and internet banking.
  • An XML Web-based user interface with context-sensitive help.
  • Security management covering application and role-based access.
  • Online validations and automated exception processing.
  • Centralized, decentralized, and combination deployments.
  • Ease of integration with existing systems using flexible Java Platform, Enterprise Edition technology.
  • Operational risk management controls, including limits, collateral, and nonperforming assets.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking features

A full spectrum of banking operations—from small community banks to large, multinational financial institutions.


Clover Infotech's FLEXCUBE Services
Clover Infotech provides full-scale implementation services for Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking. Our team has a proven record of successful implementation projects. Over time, we have acquired extensive implementation experience and a deep understanding of market dynamics and banking processes.  

Oracle FLEXCUBE Implementation Services

At Clover, we offer FLEXCUBE implementation services in the following areas:
  • Installation of the Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking solution
  • Parameterization of the individual modules in line with your requirements
  • Migration from legacy systems to Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking
  • Integration of third-party systems with Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking
  • Implementation of additional capabilities, such as an information system, a transaction system, and Central Bank regulatory reporting

Oracle FLEXCUBE Support

  • Clover Infotech offers exclusive on-site and remote support 24x7, for Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking installations, covering the full range of versions available in the market (from v5 up to the most recent version).
  • The support services provided by us are designed for a zero-level impact on core banking services.
  • We ensure uninterrupted service operation while implementing the FLEXCUBE as we can provide temporary workarounds for incidents that require system code changes.
  • Our support engagements are strict adherence to SLA that are agreed upon.  
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