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Accidentally used ‘delete for me’ instead of ‘everyone’? New WhatsApp feature will save you the embarrassment

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You might have been in a situation where you accidentally sent a message to the wrong person or a group? And, in order to save yourself, in a hurry to delete that message, by mistake you clicked on the ‘delete for me’ icon instead of the ‘delete for everyone’ option. Don’t worry, WhatsApp has will now save you the embarrassment with its new feature.

The new feature is called ‘accidental delete’, and will give users a five-second window to undo their decision to delete a message for themselves and subsequently delete it for everyone. If users didn’t mean to delete the message at all, the message can also be retrieved without having to delete it for anyone. The feature is now available on WhatsApp for Android and iOS once you upgrade to the latest version of the app.

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WhatsApp took to Twitter to announce the same and said, “Delete for Me…We’ve all been there, but now you can UNDO when you accidentally delete a message for you that you meant to delete for everyone!”

WhatsApp first introduced the option to delete messages from chats in 2017 to avoid awkward mishaps in individual or group chats. The instant messaging app then increased the time available for the users to delete a message from 7 minutes to more than two days.

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