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AI-Piloted flying hotel that ‘never lands’ could see 5,000 guests: Viral Video

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Science fiction has become a near-reality, thanks to Arab designer Hashem Al Ghaili. A video demonstrating the functioning of a hotel that never lands has left netizens baffled.

The concept is by Tony Holmsten and its designed by Hashem Al-Ghaili. ‘Sky Cruise’ is basically a flying hotel that boasts 20 nuclear-powered engines and would have the capacity to carry 5,000 passengers.

Conventional airliners would ferry passengers to and from the Sky Cruise. According to Hashem Al-Ghaili, even repairs would be carried out in-flight. He calls it the future of transport.

Check Viral Video of Sky Cruise:

The promotional video promises restaurants and a giant shopping mall in the sky, as well as gyms, theatres, and even a swimming pool. The passengers can have a 360 view of the sky.

The flying hotel is a giant leap in air travel and an attempt to turn fiction into reality. The launch date has not been announced as yet.

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