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Cloud Adoption – Do organizations have a choice?

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“To move or not to move” to the cloud is a question that many businesses are thinking for their technology strategies and needs. You may have heard about it, researched, and discovered what exactly moving to the cloud is. You could already be involved in discussions about your organization’s technology infrastructure, but why move to the Cloud? This article will answer your questions…

It’s been more than eight months since the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic. Hundreds and millions of people have lived through this lockdown. We don’t know when our society might return to normal. Hence adapting to this “New Normal” is the only option one has. Businesses now need to adapt to the digital technologies for business continuity in the new normal.

But even in this global pandemic situation, there is one thing we can rely on and that is data. Enterprises have realized the need for data consumptions and hence it has led to a huge growth in data consumption during the pandemic.

International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the Global Datasphere will grow from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to 175 ZB by 2025.

Cloud computing now has become mainstream, organizations have realized the need for real-time data consumption in the Work From Home (WFH) situation. Cloud computing offers modern businesses advantages that include allowing multiple users to view data in real-time and share projects effortlessly. Cloud software and SaaS applications (software as a service platforms) make working as a synchronized team easier and more accessible.

Cloud adoption increases efficiency in various way. We have listed a few below.

5 advantages of moving to the cloud

  1. Cost effective

Cloud infrastructure, software and services take away the traditionally high operating costs of IT. Customers pay on a subscription basis for the service. The services are free from capital expenditure. There are no huge costs of hardware in cloud computing. You just have to pay as you operate it and enjoy the model based on your subscription plan.

  1. Cloud computing is flexible

Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses with fluctuating demands. If the needs increase, it’s easy to scale up the cloud capacity. Likewise, if you need to scale down again, there is a flexibility of doing so.

  1. Cloud computing offers security

As the data is stored on the cloud, it can be easily accessed if something happens to your computer. You can even remotely wipe out data from the lost machines to ensure that it doesn’t land up in the wrong hands.. As your data is stored on the cloud, you can access it no matter what happens to your machine.


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  1. Workstations in the cloud

Cloud computing allows you to work anytime and from anywhere, provided you have an internet connection. Since most established cloud services also offer mobile apps, you’re not even restricted by which device you’ve got in your hand.

  1. Innovate and adapt

Constant access to the latest versions of tools and apps in the cloud means that the organization always benefits from technology innovation. That helps collaborate and carry out tasks faster and more efficiently. Inbuilt analytics and reporting dashboards generate business intelligence that helps in predicting demands and shape customer experiences.

Getting started with the Cloud

Adopting the cloud doesn’t have to be complicated. The benefits of reduced costs and complexity, flexibility, and scalability are simply too appealing to ignore. Even a few of these advantages of moving to the cloud might be enough to persuade a businesses. Plus in the post pandemic situation, Cloud Services will come handy in planning for a remote worker-friendly environment. The pandemic has created the necessity for organizations to re-evaluate the way they approach IT and business applications. And hence, Cloud adoption will play a vital role during and post the pandemic.

Cloud adoption is certainly the need of the hour as it has numerous benefits to offer to the organizations. Also, it is the best way to increase efficiency of the businesses and measures the much-needed changes in the business models of the companies. So, if an organization has to strive through the rapidly changing market then, Cloud adoption cannot be a choice or an option – it will be a necessity.

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