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Clover in the News! – January’24

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Here’s a round up of Clover Infotech’s media coverages for the month of January’24:

#1 Managing the Risks of Generative AI: Navigating the Uncertainties in the Digital Age

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Generative AI stands as a beacon of innovation, promising unprecedented advancements in various sectors. Its ability to generate content, mimic human behavior, and facilitate creative processes has revolutionized industries such as content creation, design, and customer service. We are well aware of the transformative power Generative AI holds…(Read the entire article here)

Author: Neelesh Kriplani, CTO at Clover Infotech

#2 Clover Infotech Inducts Ram Chari into Advisory Board

Clover Infotech, a provider of managed IT services, legacy modernization, and digital transformation, has inducted Ram Chari into its advisory board. Chari is a self-made entrepreneur and a renowned industry leader, who comes with extensive experience in the fintech payments space. He is credited for creating the first billion-dollar payments unicorn in the Middle East. He is well placed to advise and offer strategic guidance to Clover Infotech on its growth plans…(Read the entire article here)

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#3 Navigating the Ethical Conundrum – Addressing the Challenges Posed by Generative AI

CIn this rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of the most intriguing and controversial innovation is Generative AI (Gen AI). While it has unlocked incredible potential for creativity and efficiency, the ethical implications surrounding its responsible usage has sparked an interesting debate within the tech community and beyond. Generative AI, powered by advanced algorithms, has the capability to produce human-like text, images, and even videos…(Read the entire article here)

Author: Neelesh Kriplani, CTO at Clover Infotech

#4 The Key Benefits of Hybrid Data Centers

The need for hybrid data centers is closely tied to the growing adoption of decentralized IT infrastructure in modern business environments. Hybrid data centers play a crucial role in accommodating the distributed nature of IT resources, combining on-premises or private cloud infrastructure with public cloud services. This approach allows organizations to seamlessly integrate and manage workloads across various environments, addressing the demands of decentralisation…(Read the entire article here)

Author: Shrikant Navelkar, Director, Clover Infotech

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