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Facebook Introduces AR Effects for Group Video Calls

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Facebook Messenger’s augmented reality (AR) effects are no longer limited to individuals. The social media giant announced a new Messenger feature, allowing users to add augmented reality effects to their video calls. As the name implies, it enables AR effects for everyone in a video call. You can check the Group Effects by tapping the smiley face to open the effects tray and selecting Group Effects after starting a video call or by creating a room in your Messenger app.

“You’ll be able to choose from a library of over 70 Group Effects, ranging from a game where you compete to build the best burger to an effect with a cute orange cat that enters everyone’s screens,” Facebook said in a statement.

Messenger users will also be able to try a new Halloween 360 background and sticker pack…

Facebook’s also looking to expand the use of its new Word Effects, which it announced back in August. The option sees specific emojis tied to your use of certain terms in your chats. So, when you send standalone messages like “goodnight,” “congrats” and “jk,” you’ll see an option to create a word effect for that term, including a suggested emoji pairing…

Group effects will enable users to play multiplayer interactions with friends, making group video calls with filters a shared experience. The addition could help Facebook to compete against Snapchat and others that have had AR games for a while. Facebook has recently been talking a lot about the metaverse and shared online experiences, and this is another way to bring us all into the company’s virtual world.

New Group Effects are available on Messenger video calls and Messenger Rooms now. It will be coming to Instagram “soon,” says Facebook.

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