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For Better or ‘Metaverse’ – India’s first Metaverse wedding had 500 guests

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Bhopal-based Abhijeet Goel (33), a tech entrepreneur and Dr. Sansrati Jain (34) who tied the knot on Saturday, February 5th 2022, became India’s first couple to get married on a 3D Metaverse. The digital avatars of the couple hosted their wedding ceremony on the beachside and had more than 500 registrations.

For the uninitiated, Metaverse is a virtual 3D environment where users can ‘live’ and interact with others through digital avatars.

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Abhijeet and Sansrati met each other online through a matrimonial site. They decided to tie the knot but wanted their friends and family across the globe to be a part of their big day and that’s when they thought of getting married on a virtual platform. The wedding took place on Yug Metaverse. Wavemaker, part of GroupM, played an instrumental role in crafting partnerships with two major brands – ITC Ltd. and The guests could change their avatars, walk through the event and enjoy the dancing floor too. The wedding coincided with the physical event in Bhopal.

There have been reports of other metaverse wedding events, including a US couple that held a physical ceremony alongside a digital one on the virtual platform, Virbela.

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