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Google brings its generative AI search experience to India

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Google has introduced its generative AI capabilities to Search in India. The Indian users will be able to toggle between English and Hindi and listen to results. The Search ads will continue appearing in dedicated ad slots throughout the page.

Like in the U.S., people in Japan and India will now be able to use generative AI capabilities in their local languages, either by typing a query or using voice input. Unique to India, users will also find a language toggle to help multilingual speakers easily switch back and forth between English and Hindi. And Indian users can also listen to the responses, which is a popular preference. In both countries, Search ads will continue to appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the page.

Making generative AI in Search accessible to more people

Called the Search Generative Experience (SGE), the feature will be available as an opt-in experiment through the company’s new Search Labs initiative, which will house all its early-stage experiments in Google Search.

Starting today, one can simply tap the Labs icon in the top left corner of the Google app or Chrome desktop to try out this feature. India is the third market where the tech giant is rolling out this feature after first introducing it in the United States in May 2023 and then in Japan earlier this week.

People who opt-in to the experiment will start seeing a new integrated search results page that will start appearing with an AI-generated snapshot on top of search results. This snapshot will display a quick topic summary and links to go deeper into the topic.

Making it even easier to find relevant information

This generative AI experience helps people explore a range of perspectives and serves as a jumping-off point to explore web content. Google recently shared that they were experimenting with even easier ways for people to discover and visit the web pages that back up the information in AI-powered overviews. During testing, they’ve learned that people find it easier and more understandable when access to these links is presented within the overview itself.

It’s important to note that generative AI in Search remains an experiment and Google will continue testing different ways of presenting results and listening to feedback, while prioritizing approaches that continue to drive traffic to relevant websites.

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