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Learn a new word every day with this new feature in Google Search App

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Google is introducing a new feature to expand vocabulary and increase language proficiency of users.  The latest feature allows Google app users to sign up to get daily notifications with a new word every day and some interesting facts behind it to stoke the curiosity of users. There are words tailored to both English learners and fluent speakers alike, and soon you will be able to choose different difficulty levels.

To sign up, look up the definition of any English word – let’s say define serendipity, for example – then just click on the “bell” icon in the top right corner.

Just as with your Google News alerts, you’ll see a notification every day telling you about an English word you might not have heard of and what it means. The mobile notification notes the word and definition, while a tap opens the full Search result.

The Google Search feature that assists users to learn new words is right now only available in English. Other languages may be available in the future.

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