Performance Tuning Services

Performance tuning is a process which focuses on improving the system response time without the need of changing or upgrading its configuration. Tuning becomes essential when the system indicates sluggish or becomes absolutely unresponsive. Usually, this happens due to increased load with some degree of decreasing performance. Thus, Corporations can save a lot of money using Performance tuning just by modifying a system to handle higher loads and thereby enhance the server performance without spending on new Infrastructure or applications.
​​Performance tuning Services

Types of Performance Tuning 

  • Application Tuning
Approximately 80% of all Oracle system performance problems are resolved by coding optimal SQL.
  • Memory & Disk I/O Tuning
Tuning to prevent frequent reloads. Properly sizing of database buffers (shared pool, buffer cache, log buffer, etc) is required. In Disk I/O tuning the files are properly sized and placed to provide maximum disk & sub disk throughput
  • Eliminate Database Contention
Here we eliminate contentions like database locks, latches and wait events. Data access path, data partitioning, data replication, etc are also taken care
  • Tuning the Operating system
Monitor and tune operating system CPU, I/O and memory utilization
  • Code Optimization
It includes improving the code so that not many loops are involved and the code is executed outside the loop wherever possible
  • Configuration Optimization
Configuration tuning includes improving the performance of the application finding the best configuration for complex applications like Big Data.
  • Caching strategy
It is used to remove the performance bottleneck. It improves performance by retaining frequently used information in high-speed memory, reducing access time and avoiding repeated computation.
  • Load Balancing
This arrangement results in the utilization of systems equally for addressing those many service requests, resulting in proper utilization of resources without any system remaining idle.

Our Approach

Identify the Problem component This stage includes understanding the nature of the problem. In-depth analysis and system audits are conducted to identify and the problem and performance obstacle. A detailed report with current system health, insights and recommendations are mentioned.

Performance Goals Thorough System analysis leads to system Goals. Through Clover’s expertise, we always strive to achieve the best possible results, overcoming client’s expectation. Cost, effort & duration is also taken care during this stage.


  • Identify risks and prepare the mitigation plan
  • Iterations till optimal parameters are identified and confirmed
  • Analyze performance improvement and give recommendations

What do we offer in Performance tuning?

Basic Standard Premium
  • Audit and issue identification
  • Estimated performance level
  • Detailed audit report
  • Basic Package +
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Production rollout
  • Re-audit & detailed audit report
  • Standard Package +
  • Quarterly performance audit
  • Minor enhancements

Resultant Performance Tuning Benefits

  • Identify risks and prepare mitigation plan
  • Iterations till optimal parameters are identified and confirmed
  • Analyze performance improvement and give recommendations
  • Enhanced availability of your applications and databases
  • Better alignment with business priorities
  • Elimination of over-provisioning with efficient allocation of system resources
  • Quick turn-around-time for queries, reduction in trouble shooting incidents, thereby ensuring maximum up-time
  • Optimum performance of critical applications leading to improved end-user experience
  • Optimizing the IT footprint and reducing Operational Cost of the company


Performance Tuning Case studies