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COVID-19: Do more with less? Performance tuning comes to the rescue!

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The entire world has been watching the unfolding of COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of 2020. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, several industry surveys had reported that the economic and business climate would have a positive impact on an organization’s ability to meet goals and there will be increase in IT spends in 2020. However, the COVID-19 crisis has turned the tide. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread and create further uncertainty, it has becoming imperative for organizations to optimize expenses. At the same time, there is a need to generate new business opportunities to boost revenue. There is immense pressure to do more with less. The big question is – “How does one tackle this unique challenge?”

Performance tuning comes to the rescue!

A lot of organizations think of IT as merely a cost and the typical mind-set during crisis is to keep the costs in check.  However, the modern organizations would consider IT as a key “value” differentiator. There are several aspects to IT which comes to the rescue during a crisis like COVID-19 and performance tuning is one such aspect.

Are you are fully utilizing the power of your database and applications?

It’s a myth that slow applications and databases simply need more resources. Inefficient configuration of applications and poor database maintenance practices impact overall system performance, resulting in underutilization of the power of your applications and database. Increase in load coupled with such inefficient practices, cause the system to become sluggish, or at times, unresponsive. Organizations can reduce unnecessary IT expenses by using performance tuning which configures (or tunes) the system to handle higher loads and thereby enhances server performance without spending on new infrastructure or applications.

Effective performance tuning involves optimization of a system to handle peak loads while delivering excellent response time without changing or upgrading its configuration. It starts with understanding the nature of the problem followed by in-depth analysis and system audits to identify the root cause. It requires time-tested and proven solutions which utilize a holistic methodology to ensure that the entire application stack delivers premier performance.

7 reasons why performance tuning is essential

  1. Enhancement in availability of the application and databases
  2. Improvement in response time of critical systems
  3. Reduction in trouble-shooting incidents
  4. Enhancement in end-user experience
  5. Elimination of additional hardware/ upgradation cost
  6. Reduction in operational cost of the company
  7. Improvement in ROI


Performance tuning is one of the best means of achieving more with less which is the need of the hour in the COVID-19 scenario. However, it is not a “one-size fits all” proposition. Each organization has different processes and a thorough audit of the same by a team of experts can help to leverage the actual power of your IT systems. It can empower your business to experience improved operational efficiency and thereby augment revenue.

At Clover Infotech, we have a team of performance tuning experts who have always been sought by our customers to perform end-to-end analysis of their core applications and underlying databases to enhance output without having to procure more systems or upgrade existing ones. The team identifies performance bottlenecks, comes up with relevant recommendations, and implements it to ensure superlative performance of applications and underlying IT infrastructure.

To navigate COVID-19, organizations must ensure extremely financial prudence and performance tuning of your existing technology landscape is a definite step towards it. Please do reach out to us at to know more about our performance tuning service and how it can help you to enhance the performance of your applications and databases cost-effectively.

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