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3 reasons why your business needs NoSQL database

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Organizations today, are plunging themselves into digital waters without much thought or concern. It is one thing to take your business further, harnessing the power of the IoT, but making critical strategic decisions by following suit could easily lead to your business progress running out of steam at an alarming rate. So, how do you take this decisive leap – from being a business that aspires to leverage the digital power to becoming a business that is digitally enabled to the core? Exactly the way you would do for any other process; start with the basics! Building a new age Database is the stepping stone to creating a digitized organizational ecosystem.

Here are the top 3 reason why NoSQL stands out as the much-required and preferred database solution:

  1. It grows with you

When you think digital transformation, you also need to account for the immense amount of data that is going to erupt from all your digital channels, which is mission critical for the business. This data, and every other data that your business generates, or could impact from, amounts to Big Data, which is humungous and ever growing. Your DBMS needs to cope with this growing requirement and the demand to store, process and retrieve more data each day. Unlike relational DBMS, NoSQL has been designed to scale easily. The data that flows in, is partitioned and distributed across multiple nodes in a cluster. Thus eliminating the need of purchasing larger and faster servers, or employing specialists to tune the system in order to scale.

  1. As flexible as your business plans

It is the biggest reason to choose NoSQL – its ability to provide data flexibility. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a key component of NoSQL databases, and allows to represent diverse and complex data sets. It perfectly fits into the digitalization puzzle to offer a no-complexity solution, even if the data to be stored is as diverse in form and size as its sources. It also caters to data that comes from different version and systems, without you having to worry about neutralizing it for processing.

  1. Fuels your analytics engine

The data inflow from various digital streams can easily be stored and retrieved from a NoSQL database. It makes data easily accessible and is also well-suited to perform analytical queries. One can use the same query language to perform analytics that is used to perform atomic queries. Thus, NoSQL makes the data easily available for processing rather than just storing it. It helps you leverage Big Data to make critical business decisions, foresee risks and threats, and predict market and customer behaviour patterns. It enables you to ensure a better customer experience and offer more relevant products and services.

NoSQL database is redefining the term ‘database’ for the new age IT infrastructure. Meliorating their primary function of storage, they have now risen to become the pillars of digital transformation.810x430-NoSQL-banner

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