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5 Key Benefits of Infrastructure Modernization

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Infrastructure Modernization

 Let us begin by understanding what is “Infrastructure Modernization”.

It is the process of replacing legacy hardware solutions, consolidation and rationalizing the infrastructure footprint, building in automation, and migrating to new and improved cloud native systems.

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(Ensure successful “Infrastructure Modernization” with these 5 steps)

Infrastructure modernization brings obvious benefits to the organization and enables it to operate in an efficient and agile manner.

The following are the top 5 benefits that you may enjoy by undertaking an infrastructure modernization exercise for your organization.

  1. Efficient Utilization of Human Capital:

A huge proportion of time of IT teams is spent in addressing issues arising from legacy infrastructure in terms of updating, managing, supporting, and ensuring security. As these systems are made by multiple technology product companies, myriad challenges need to be addressed. With modernization, the new-age technology systems are more robust, work seamlessly with in-house applications and integrate well with external systems. This enables the IT Workforce to focus on more strategic and analytical tasks and utilize their skills better to enhance operational and business efficiency.

  1. Create an Agile IT Team and Develop Products Faster:

If the IT infrastructure is outdated, the resource allocation for application development – both test and production – goes on hold longer than required. It impacts the release of new products, features etc. and impacts key business metrics such as customer engagement and product development efficiency.

With IT Infrastructure modernization, the IT teams can spend more time on enhancing efficiency through automation by leveraging the time saved on IT maintenance, support etc. This enables the organization to “go-to-market” with new product features and functionalities much faster than before. It also enables organization to implement their research finding and translate them into innovative solutions seamlessly.

  1. Augment Security and Trust Among Customers:

With Infrastructure Modernization, businesses can ensure that the platforms and infrastructure on which applications are built will offer enhanced security and add value to the business. By empowering the application teams with a modernized infrastructure, the experience of the customer with respect to an organizations products and services is seamless and it augments customer experience and trust.

  1. Optimized IT Footprint and Efficient Management of IT Infrastructure:

An Infrastructure Modernization exercise is punctuated by consolidation of servers and rationalization. It enables to not only reduce the number of servers but also the types. The result is that IT teams can optimize IT Infrastructure footprint and manage the entire organization’s IT infrastructure better by reducing number of locations and datacenters that need to be managed.

  1. Reduce Cost and Enhance Revenue:

With a modernized IT Infrastructure, two things improve. The efficiency of the IT Infrastructure and systems which leads to lesser incidents of maintenance and troubleshooting which accrues into cost savings over time. The modernized infrastructure also enables adoption of cloud and automation of redundant processes thereby reducing employee cost and effort spent on mundane tasks. The result is a significant addition to the bottom line of the organization while also enhancing productivity of the IT teams.

Infrastructure Modernization is a transformational change. It is not a standalone IT project. The entire organization must align and support the exercise to make it a success and to enable the organization to enjoy the benefits mentioned above.

Organizations can reap rich dividends by onboarding an IT services provider which has rich experience and skills in undertaking a complete IT Infrastructure Modernization exercise. At Clover Infotech, we are happy to offer a consultation to you in order to help you to plan and kick-start your IT Infrastructure Modernization.

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