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Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is The Key Growth Driver for Your Business

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Modern Businesses today are constantly pressured by the need to reduce capital expenditure while staying in-sync with the changing technology. Any application re-customization and changes to legacy workflows are difficult to achieve.

In this scenario, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) deserves exploration. It paves the way to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that provides bundled services including storage, computing, networking, edge services, and identity management.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure unifies the advantages of both public cloud and on-premise infrastructure for delivering high-performance, high availability, and cost-effective infrastructure services.

Five strategic benefits of OCI that drive business success and value are:

  1. Protect your existing environments: Enterprises invest in on-premise technology for long term and they can’t just change it. A part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) bare metal architecture means you can ‘move and improve’ all of your tech investments to the Cloud.
  2. Enhanced Security for your business: Security starts from network architecture and design to partnerships in networking and hardware. OCI is power-packed with security operations, network operations and the Oracle products and services running on Oracle Cloud.
  3. Uplift the performance of your Mission-Critical Applications: The performance of your Cloud infrastructure, latency of the network, computing and storage – everything matters but what matters the most is delivering high performance at the lowest cost. The goal of OCI is to perform better than the rest of the Cloud solutions and also deliver the best pricing for such performance. It’s important for Cloud infrastructure to scale with your business needs.
  4. Reduce your OPEX: Overcome your upfront investment on hardware and modify the services according to your requirements with Oracle IaaS to achieve optimal subscription budget with proper future business planning.
  5. Flexibility: OCI’s flexibility makes it easy to move on-premises workloads, manage workloads, and orchestrate different workloads across your premises in a hybrid and multi-cloud world. It also includes support for open source technology and interoperable standards.

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to leverage innovative technologies for procuring new customers while serving existing ones optimally. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) comes with striking benefits of easy deployment, reduced operational cost, and higher performance. Moreover, data breaches can have severe repercussions. OCI is an answer to all future scaling strategies of your enterprise and we at Clover Infotech help our clients achieve the benefits seamlessly.

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