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5 things Oracle CECS (Content and Experience Cloud) can deliver for your business

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Customer experience has taken precedence over every other business aspect. Customer satisfaction has become the litmus test for businesses. Today, a customer’s social media perception of a brand could either help you build a community of brand loyalists or trigger an avalanche of negative comments from brand haters. In this digitally woven world that we live in today, ensuring real-time content and brand communication could enable a business to build a loyal and lasting community of brand endorsers.

Oracle CECS is one such product that can help deliver all this for your business. Here are 5 key things that it can help you achieve.

  1. Better Content Management:

It provides a centralized cloud-based content hub to facilitate omni-channel content management. It also provides collaboration along with workflow management capabilities to enable the delivery of multilingual-content to augment customer experience. Being a centrally managed content platform, it eliminates all organizational bottlenecks and enables you to digitally engage all stakeholders.

  1. Accessibility:

Digital has led to the proliferation of data – conversations, documents, graphics, blog posts, videos. The management of these disjointed pieces and ensuring version control is becoming increasingly difficult. Oracle CECS acts as a central repository that helps you keep things up-to-date and accessible by uploading all digital assets to the cloud and conveniently accessing them with a few clicks. With CECS, you can tag these assets and filter them to find, reuse or update, making the latest version readily available.

  1. Building Capabilities:

It facilitates rapid development and publishing of websites. It is an integrated process where content, collaboration, and digital assets are unilaterally managed and published through the same platform.

  1. Ubiquitous Accessibility:

Take the ease of mobility to another level. With Oracle CECS you can access creatives, documents and conversations on the go, edit files offline and sync them whenever you are back online. It can be accessed from both iOS & android devices, and also from MAC and windows desktops, enabling you to collaborate and work with teams from anywhere.

  1. Integration capabilities:

Being an Oracle Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, it lets you leverage the integration capabilities with other Oracle Cloud services. Using the Oracle Process Cloud Service, you can integrate it to automate business content workflows or with other Oracle Cloud platforms to deliver content across channels.

Making rich and multi-format content seamlessly accessible to customers 24x7x365 on their preferred platform/device is the benchmark every business has been striving to achieve. Oracle CECS can enable your business to seamlessly deliver this. Leverage Oracle CECS to execute your digital marketing initiatives and engage customers better to ensure brand loyalty.

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