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AI: Enhancing the HR function and driving key benefits

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As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity, companies are increasingly integrating it into different organizational processes to enhance productivity and efficiency. The HR function has been under immense pressure to innovate to keep up with the changing market conditions.

AI adds tremendous value to different HR processes such as employee engagement, talent acquisition and onboarding, training, and employee retention. AI’s implementation in HR function has been viewed as an optimistic opportunity as it brings maximum benefits at minimum cost.

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Here’s how AI is transforming the different HR processes:

Automating HR administrative processes – Automation in HR is nothing new. HR professionals have been automating their repetitive, time-consuming tasks for a while now. So, how does AI make it different?

AI combined with automation enables machines to sense, understand, learn, and act on its own or with little human assistance. Hence, intelligent automation not only allows HR professionals to automate their manual paperwork but also derive intelligent insights to enhance their decision-making to boost efficiency and productivity.

Improving Talent Acquisition This is one of the most important benefits of integrating AI into HR processes. Candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing are very time-consuming and tedious processes. AI can review hundreds of profiles in significantly less time and it can quickly analyze a candidate’s skillsets. Additionally, when required AI-based software can quickly go through the existing databases of previous applicants to potentially find an adequate candidate for a new position.

AI can also eliminate human biases. Since AI-based software arrive at a decision by assessing and analyzing huge volume of data, they eliminate the chances of human biases, thereby leading to the creation of an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Improving Employee Retention – Ensuring talented employees stay with the company is a difficult task as it deals with understanding the human needs, requirements, and emotions. AI-based software have the ability to sense, understand, and learn in real-time, which enables them to accurately predict the needs of employees. Further, AI-based analysis helps HR professionals to understand employees’ preferences and requirements, allowing them to prepare personalized surveys, reward systems, and recognition programs that enhance employee loyalty.

Enhancing Training and Development – In the current scenario of skill gaps at the industry level, AI can prove to be a game changer. Based on the analysis capabilities of AI-based software, HR professionals can prepare personalized learning and growth charter for every employee.

In conclusion, AI has the potential to make significant enhancements in HR processes across companies and industries. Now what is required is the readiness of people to accept the technology revolution and make investments to adopt new-age technologies. Hence, organizations must ensure upskilling and reskilling of their workforce for a digital-native future.

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