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Clover Academy spearheading skilling and training ecosystem for Clover Infotech

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As per Hindustan Times, more than 50% of India’s population is below the age of 25. By 2030, India will have the world’s youngest and largest workforce, exceeding one billion. Hence, the opportunities are endless. However, not all youngsters are employable. Educational institutions need to reinvent the process of imparting knowledge to cultivate industry-ready skillsets in students.

The 21st century is earmarked as Information Technology driven and India is at the center of global attraction. However, to make the most of this demographic dividend, it is vital to remove the massive disconnect between what is taught in colleges and what the industry expects. Having identified this need, we have set up ‘Clover Academy’ – the knowledge and training arm of Clover Infotech to prepare the next-generation IT workforce.

The objective of Clover Academy is to help freshers gain practical exposure and the required training through a combination of the following training and skilling initiatives:

Aspire – ‘Aspire’ is a unique platform wherein Clover Academy Alumni interacts with the current trainee batches to share industry experiences, advice on the progression from Clover Academy to the industry and how it has enriched their professional lives.

Emerge – ‘Emerge’ is an interactive platform, which brings together Clover Infotech’s technology experts and the trainees at Clover Academy. Each Emerge session sees one of the technology experts sharing their industry experience with academy trainees. They also share their views on dealing with customers, ensuring professional conduct and representing the Clover brand well at all times. The trainees also get an opportunity to ask them questions, derive insights and learn from their experiences which is important when they work and interact with the customers of the company. These sessions also enable them to envision a career path and prepare for the same.

On the Job Training – This is a practical approach to acquiring new competencies and skills needed for a job in a real, or near-real, working environment. This practice is often used to learn how to use particular tools or equipment in a live-work or simulated environment. Rather than showing employees presentations or giving them worksheets, they learn about the nuances of a job by performing it.

Nanolearning – As the newer generation is increasingly entering the workforce, the traditional methods of training and skilling are getting replaced by new-age digital methods such as ‘Nanolearning’. This method involves bite-sized formats with a multimedia approach. Although brief in nature, this method delivers informative pieces of content that directly aims to solve the problem at hand. In addition, learners can scroll up and down or click on a notification to open, read, and share learning content. As a result, the learning content becomes widespread and more accessible than ever before.

In conclusion, Clover Academy offers training, skills and confidence required to begin a successful career. Trainees are exposed to the latest technologies and given an opportunity to learn and evolve. With a vast array of career opportunities and training, trainees can discover their potential and become “highly sought” technology experts.

Please visit the below page to apply for Clover Academy:

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