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The Most Popular Cloud Jobs of 2023

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Since the onset of the pandemic, cloud computing has gained a lot of traction and emerged as the biggest enabler of the distributed IT infrastructure. Today, it is being used by almost every organization. As per the market predictions, cloud computing will generate $1.6 trillion of revenue annually by 2030. Hence, recruiters are on the lookout for hiring individuals with cloud computing skills and knowledge.

As a fresher, you might be having a lot of questions regarding the top skillsets in cloud computing and the kind of future opportunities you can expect in this technology. In this blog, I will try to explain more about the most popular cloud jobs and the kind of skillsets you must focus on building to become eligible for them.

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Cloud Data Engineers – In a nutshell, a cloud data engineer is in charge of developing and maintaining data infrastructure that assists large corporations in making decisions. Since data engineers deal with raw data, many of them are already familiar with SQL or have experience working with databases, whether they’re relational or non-relational. They understand common data formats and interfaces, and the pros and cons of different storage options. Naturally, anyone wanting to make a career as a data engineer is expected to have a good understanding of data analytics along with the concepts of statistics and probability.

Cloud Engineers – Unlike data engineers, cloud engineers focus on different aspects of cloud platform such as administration and scaling, and application development. A cloud engineer’s role can vary depending on the nature of the industry and company that they are working for. A cloud engineer is expected to have a thorough understanding of different cloud platforms along with proficiency in programming languages.

Cloud Security Engineers – Cloud security engineers identify threats to cloud systems, develop new features to meet security needs, and build, maintain, upgrade, and continuously improve cloud-based systems. They collaborate closely with the rest of the product team to keep security up to date and effective. Cloud security is becoming one of the fastest-growing fields of cybersecurity. Hence, cloud security engineers are expected to have a good understanding of cloud and security fundamentals, programming languages, along with troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Cloud Automation Engineers – Cloud automation engineers play a central role in collecting and processing demands to transform application delivery for the cloud in an agile manner. They are responsible for designing and implementing new features or services on top of cloud platforms. Hence, this requires a strong understanding of both software development and customer service as cloud automation engineers are not only expected to know how to build automation on cloud systems but also how to explain it effectively to customer to eliminate ambiguity.

Cloud Architect – The job role of cloud architects entail designing and building cloud computing architecture. Hence, they are required to have a good understanding of programming languages, security, and networks, and operating systems.

With cloud dominating our business world, job opportunities are endless. My advice to the young talent would be to keep learning new things and upgrading their skills to become industry and future ready.

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