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Facebook brings back voice and video calling to its main app after removing it in 2014

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Facebook brings back voice and video calling

You can now place voice and video calls from Facebook’s main app. It means there’s one less app to switch between while you’re doing other things on your computer or phone. At the moment, users need to exit the main app and move to the Messenger app to make video and voice calls. However, social media giant will now let users make voice and video calls from the main app. The aim is to make it easier to place calls without opening its standalone Messenger app. Facebook and Messenger used to be a single app earlier. However, in 2014, Facebook introduced a separate app and moved calling, video calling and messaging features to Messenger.

As per a Bloomberg report Facebook is trying out the new feature for select users in countries like the United States. There’s no word on expansion to more users or regions.

Messenger is not going anywhere yet, so you need not worry about having to delete the app yet. Although audio and video calls are coming back to the Facebook app, text chat should remain available exclusively in the Messenger app for now. For a full-featured messaging, audio and video call experience, one should continue using Messenger. Connor Hayes, director of product management at Messenger said that Facebook is beginning to consider Messenger as a service rather than a standalone app. “You’re going to start to see quite a bit more of this over time,” Hayes told Bloomberg.

Facebook has been trying to tie together messaging across its suite of apps. The company first enabled messaging between its Instagram app and Messenger last September, and there are plans to eventually integrate WhatsApp into the mix.


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