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Google announces new AI features coming to Google Maps: Adds features like immersive navigation and more

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Google has announced several new AI-powered updates coming soon to Google Maps that aim to help users plan trips, navigate unfamiliar areas, find electric vehicle charging stations, and discover new places and activities. In its official blog post, Google announced that it is starting to roll out Immersive View for routes in selected cities alongside a range of AI features, including easier-to-follow driving directions, Google Lens in Maps, and EV charging station availability, to help users confidently plan and navigate trips, make sustainable choices for their trips, and get quick inspiration for things to do.

Google Immersive view in Maps

At Google I/O 2023, the company announced Immersive View for routes feature that will preview users’ journey. This feature allows users to see a 3D model of a location before visiting it in person. It utilises AI and computer vision to combine billions of aerial and Street View images, creating a digital model of the world.

Once the feature is available in your city, as you move around the map, a small “Immersive View” button will appear in the bottom right corner. Tap this button to enter Immersive View, where you can pan, zoom, and tilt your phone to get a three-dimensional view of the route you’re about to take.

Google Lens in Maps

Google is incorporating its Search Lens feature into Maps, with AI capabilities. Using AI and augmented reality, Lens shows information about nearby restaurants, shops, transit stations, and more right on top of the view from the camera. After launching in a handful of cities last year, Lens is coming to over 50 more cities globally.

EV information

To reduce anxiety of EV drivers around finding charging stations, Google is bringing EV information feature to Maps. Users will now see specifics like compatibility, the number, type, power level of chargers, and data on when chargers were last used to avoid broken ones. This information will be available on Android and iOS devices, as well as in cars with Google built-in.

Search in Google Maps

Google Maps is reimagining search with new AI-powered visual results, providing photo-based results for specific queries. Users searching for specific activities like “animal latte art” will now see photo results of matching locations. This new Maps search feature is currently available in France, Germany, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S., with plans for expansion. This feature will be rolling out globally on Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

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