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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling the education industry

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Digital transformation has disrupted all industries and the education industry is no exception. The Indian education system has started reaping the benefits of advanced technology. Emerging technologies such as AI, Cloud, and Data Analytics have given rise to a lot of unique learning models and platforms that are changing the way education is being delivered and consumed. The rapid adoption of AI is transforming the education industry gradually.

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Here are the top ways in which AI is enabling the education industry:

Reduces administrative pressure on the faculty  It’s a known fact that apart from imparting knowledge, a major part of the faculty’s time is spent on admin tasks such as assessing and grading students’ work and preparing report cards. The use of AI in education can help automate the grading and assessment processes. This allows teachers to spend more time with students delivering quality education.

Enhances Personalization AI is revolutionizing the education industry by personalizing the process of learning. AI algorithms can analyze students’ level of knowledge, their pace, and desired goals, and then can design personalized learning programs for them. They can evaluate students’ learning histories, identify weaknesses, and offer courses best suited for improvement, providing many opportunities for a personalized learning experience.

Fast-track Learning At times, students require additional help outside of the class. In such cases, AI tutors and chatbots are a perfect solution. While it is nearly impossible to replace an educator, AI tools can assist students in sharpening their skills and improving their weaknesses. They provide a personalized learning experience at all times without having the physical presence of a teacher.

Facilitates Accessibility Courtesy AI, students can now learn from anywhere, and at any time. If a student misses attending classes due to whatsoever reasons, they can easily stay caught up via AI-powered education apps. It also gives students the ability to learn from anywhere in the world, making higher quality education easily accessible and affordable to all students.

In conclusion, with the proliferation of AI the education industry is transforming at a rapid pace. AI is leveling the playing field of education for students across the globe and ensuring equal opportunities for those without access to quality education.

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