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How Cloud Computing Enhances the Human Resource Function

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Human Resource (HR) is certainly one of the most important functions in an organization. The traditional approach to daily operations of the human resource department is tedious and cumbersome. Since cloud had emerged as the biggest enabler of the pandemic inflicted world, enterprises are frantically moving their critical functions to cloud and human resources is one of them. Having human resource function on the cloud not only makes it more agile but also innovative and easily measurable.

The legacy technology in the HR function does not provide end-to-end solutions to keep pace with the changing environment. Hence, there is a dire need to streamline HR processes to make the function more profitable. Cloud computing provides strategic business solutions by making critical data easily accessible to all employees through a secure login and password, thereby enabling informed and quick decision making.

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Let’s look at how cloud computing is transforming different HR processes:

Skilling and Training Cloud computing provides an integrated platform for online training and skilling of employees. Enterprises can build learning systems on cloud providing every trainee with a unique login and password. This enables employees to login from anywhere and access all the training material at a central location, thereby fast-tracking learning and development.

Recruitment When the recruitment function is on the cloud, HR teams can add and view candidates’ profiles at any time and from anywhere with an Internet connection. This allows team members to participate in the hiring workflow from anywhere and even recruit on the go using a mobile device. Cloud computing streamlines recruitment process by collecting and organizing critical data and further presenting it in neat dashboards.

Onboarding – Onboarding new employees is arguably the most important part of the HR function. This process sets the stage by introducing new hires to the company and its brand image. Yet, many companies lack a streamlined digital onboarding process. Cloud computing allows companies to integrate new-age technologies such as AI and ML into the onboarding process, thereby automating tedious processes. By automating this function, the HR department gets deeper insight into every stage of the employee onboarding process. Technology provides a personalized experience to new employees while making it easier for the HR teams to schedule follow-ups with recruiters, department managers, and training staff.

HR administration Cloud-based HR systems streamline administrative processes such as payroll, planning, etc. as cloud keeps the data integrated and accessible from anywhere. It provides a centralized platform for the quick approval of HR admin processes such as new hires, job changes, terminations, and promotions. In addition, while dealing with confidential employee information, HR professionals can be rest assured that cloud data is safe. In majority of the cases, it is more secure than an on-premises data center as cloud platforms are designed to be secure, often leveraging an integrated approach to security and risk management.

In conclusion, by offering flexibility, security and value, cloud computing helps the HR function to target the right kind of audience, increase employee productivity, simplify HR processes, reward improved performance and arm employees with the tools to grow. Hence, integration of cloud computing in the HR function will empower businesses to respond to the needs of their workforce more quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

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