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Key cybersecurity threats and best practices for 2022 and beyond

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With the digital revolution around all businesses, small or large, corporates, organizations and even governments are relying on digital systems to manage their day-to-day activities. At the same time, information security industry is on high alert due to a slew of new cybersecurity threats arising out of increasing adoption of digital. Malware, phishing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other sorts of cyberattacks are constantly putting organizations’ sensitive data in danger.

In this Vlog, Deepanshu Jain – Senior Cybersecurity Consultant at Clover Infotech, talks about:

✓ Key cybersecurity concerns for organizations in 2022
✓ Tools available for the organizations
✓ Precautions to be taken by the organizations to combat the threat
✓ Precautions to be taken by users to ensure safety

Here we go…

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