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Make your Digital Transformation Team look great. Here’s how.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a frequently used buzzword. Everyone talks about it and often, in varied contexts. Today, everything from mobile apps, to customer experience management to cloud transformation falls under the digital transformation umbrella.

It has also led to a variety of experts who play a vital role in ensuring that the digital transformation strategy is executed well.

These experts create the difference between a failed digital transformation exercise and a successful one with far reaching effects across the business and its stakeholders.

Let’s look at a few such experts. Are they a part of your team?

  1. The Brand Champions:

A digital transformation exercise is a portal that connects the business to its key stakeholders – customers, employees, investors etc. The brand strategists or managers can completely reimagine the connect points with the stakeholders. They can lay the foundations for creating an immersive customer experience – one of the vital tenets of digital transformation.

  1. The Re-imagineers (the CX architects):

This breed of talent is enormously important as they understand the customer’s pulse on digital and create a robust and seamless customer journey. Whether it’s a mobile app, a website, an ATM, or a POS terminal, they are experts at pre-empting and anticipating a customer’s reaction to a digital stimulus. Their role is critical in creating a consistent omni-channel experience – the most important aspect of customer engagement.

  1. Cloud Specialists – The digital transformation charter often involves modernizing applications and migrating to the cloud. The digital teams also increasingly deal with cloud native solution. A cloud specialist who understands how to utilize cloud credits, optimize consumption, reduce unnecessary cloud costs, and ensure utmost security across cloud solutions would be a key member of the digital transformation team.
  2. Automation Expert: An important aspect of adopting digital is to ensure that rule-based and redundant tasks are automated. This would enable the organization to free-up human capital bandwidth spent on mundane tasks. The Automation expert must consider each process within departments of the organization, re-imagine it, and create a charter for maximum possible automation of processes and reports.
  3. Data Analysts: “Digital” creates a seamless and immersive experience, enhances information flow and its availability. However, without the analysis of the humongous data being generated via digital interfaces, the true value of digital transformation is lost. A smart data analyst or a data analytics team can derive meaning from the data and translate it into insights for informed decision making. This vital cog in the digital transformation piece helps to accelerate business and revenues and enhance brand recall.

Digital Transformation is a journey. It is not a project with defined milestones. You need an all-star team to fire at various points in time to achieve success in this endeavour. You can begin by checking the five specialists mentioned here.

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