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McKinsey rolls out Generative AI tool ‘Lilli’ to bring its knowledge to clients

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Consulting firm McKinsey has unveiled Lilli, its AI-powered search tool that gives clients and consultants easy access to the firm’s vast stores of knowledge. It’s a platform that provides a streamlined, impartial search and synthesis of the firm’s vast stores of knowledge to bring our best insights, quickly and efficiently, to clients.

The firm boasts more than 40 curated knowledge sources, 100,000 documents and interview transcripts, and a network of experts that spans 70 countries. Lilli efficiently aggregates this information and facilitates its delivery to clients and consultants, streamlining the process of accessing valuable insights.

“Lilli aggregates our knowledge and capabilities in one place for the first time and will allow us to spend more time with clients activating those insights and recommendations and maximizing the value we can create,” says Erik Roth, a senior partner with McKinsey who leads our firm’s development of Lilli and integrating Gen AI technologies into the way we work. “An engagement team will be able to spend more time on problem solving, coaching, building capabilities, and helping clients achieve the performance they aspire to achieve.”

“Knowledge is the lifeforce of McKinsey,” explains Kitti Lakner, an associate partner and director of design for Lilli. “When we started as a firm almost 100 years ago, our knowledge was with our experts. Over the years, our experts have used it to develop playbooks, case studies, and white papers that eventually became data, digital solutions, and analytics tools such as Wave, Corporate Performance Analytics (CPA), and Periscope.”

McKinsey said it tapped an ecosystem of partners and deployed a team of over 70 experts to help scale Lilli in a cost-effective, secure manner.

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