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Monthly TechNews Roundup: Google Cloud launches AlloyDB, Demand for over 150k in roles in 5G, cloud computing, AI and big data, AWS launches SMB Vidyalaya & more

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Clover Infotech brings to you a curated round-up of important technology updates of the month May’22.

1. Oracle is witnessing extremely huge momentum for cloud in India: Kapil Makhija, Vice President -Technology Cloud, Oracle India

In the digital economy, a move to the cloud has become a business prerequisite. Oracle, which has made a number of innovations for encouraging cloud adoption in India, has benefited from this approach, with the company making huge inroads in the highly competitive cloud marketplace…

2. Oracle Cloud Functions Now Supports C#

C# coders can now use the Functions service in the Oracle Cloud to build and deploy functions typically used in serverless, event-driven computing…

3. Sebi tweaks cyber security, cyber resilience framework of bourses, clearing corps, depositories

Capital markets regulator Sebi on Friday tweaked the cyber security and cyber resilience framework of stock exchanges and other market infrastructure institutions and mandated them to conduct a comprehensive cyber audit at least two times in a financial year…

4. Akamai launches managed database offering for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB

The new offering supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB databases and is designed to simplify database deployment and management for developers, helping them to reduce risk, increase efficiency and minimize complexity, Akamai said.

5. Google Cloud launches AlloyDB, a new fully managed PostgreSQL database service

Google has announced the launch of AlloyDB, a new fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database service that the company claims to be twice as fast for transactional workloads as AWS’s comparable Aurora PostgreSQL (and four times faster than standard PostgreSQL for the same workloads and up to 100 times faster for analytical queries)…

6. Demand for over 150k in roles in 5G, cloud computing, AI & big data: Report

The Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC), the Council responsible for skilling in telecom, on Wednesday launched a report ‘Overview: Indian Telecom Market 2022-23’, charting out the areas of traction where the telecom industry would witness growth in the coming financial year…

7. AWS launches SMB Vidyalaya to speed up digitisation of small businesses

SMB Vidyalaya includes over 50 technology education modules specific to SMBs and the opportunities they have to drive business growth across the country…

8. Google’s Cloud unit creates new Web 3.0 unit to provide support for Blockchain developers

Google’s cloud computing unit recently announced that it would create a new internal team that will focus on building Blockchain services for developers and others interested in building Blockchain-based applications. This move by Google comes at a time when businesses and consumers are eagerly looking at the popularity of Web 3.0 and Blockchain…

9. Microsoft introduces Cybersecurity skills campaign in India

Microsoft has announced a cybersecurity skills campaign in India that will help protect the country from digital threats. The tech giant said that the campaign would be a three-month-long multi-city tour to raise awareness about the need for cybersecurity and provide training opportunities for people on necessary skills…

10. AI remains priority for CEOs, according to new Gartner survey

The survey “2022 CEO Survey — The Year Perspectives Changed” gauged the opinions of CEOs and top executives on a range of issues from the workforce to the environment and digitalization. The findings also revealed that the metaverse, which has received a lot of hype in the last year, especially since the rebranding of Facebook to Meta, is not as relevant to business leaders – 63% say that they do not see the metaverse as a key technology for their organization…

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