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Monthly TechNews Roundup: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Joins VMware Cloud Universal Program, Gartner Identifies Top Trends Shaping the Future of Data Science and ML, McKinsey rolls out Generative AI tool ‘Lilli’ and more

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Clover Infotech brings to you a curated round-up of important technology updates for the month of August’23.

#1 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Joins VMware Cloud Universal Program

VMware, Inc. has expanded its ongoing partnership with Oracle to help customers modernize their VMware workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Under the expanded partnership, customers will be able to subscribe to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution as part of VMware Cloud Universal, a flexible purchasing and consumption program that helps businesses simplify procurement and accelerate adoption of eligible VMware Cloud services…CONTINUE READING

#2 Oracle Delivers OCI Compute Services Anywhere with Compute Cloud@Customer

Oracle has announced Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer, a rack-scale cloud infrastructure that enables organizations to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) compute services anywhere. With Compute Cloud@Customer, customers can develop, deploy, secure, and manage workloads using the same software stack as OCI in deployments as small as a single rack… CONTINUE READING

#3 McKinsey rolls out Generative AI tool ‘Lilli’ to bring its knowledge to clients

Consulting firm McKinsey has unveiled Lilli, its AI-powered search tool that gives clients and consultants easy access to the firm’s vast stores of knowledge. It’s a platform that provides a streamlined, impartial search and synthesis of the firm’s vast stores of knowledge to bring our best insights, quickly and efficiently, to clients…CONTINUE READING

#5 Gartner Identifies Top Trends Shaping the Future of Data Science and Machine Learning

Gartner, Inc. has highlighted the top trends impacting the future of data science and machine learning (DSML) as the industry rapidly grows and evolves to meet the increasing significance of data in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly as the focus shifts towards Generative AI investments…CONTINUE READING

#6 Kaspersky, IIT Bombay Sign MoU To Boost Cybersecurity Education and Research in India

Cybersecurity company Kaspersky and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly promote and foster the development of educational and research projects in the field of cybersecurity. The agreement will see the two organisations work together to promote cybersecurity education and research, with the goal of building a more robust cybersecurity workforce in India…CONTINUE READING

#7 DIKSHA, India’s free education tech platform serving 200 million students, moves to OCI

Oracle has announced that India’s Ministry of Education has chosen Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to modernize the country’s national education technology platform ‘Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing’ (DIKSHA). This migration will help make DIKSHA more accessible and lower its IT costs. The platform supports 1.48 million schools across all of India’s 35 states and union territories…CONTINUE READING

#8 Oracle Introduces First Cloud Native Secure Cloud Computing Architecture Solution for the U.S. DoD

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has introduced a new Secure Cloud Computing Architecture (SCCA) for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The solution helps make security compliance and cloud adoption for mission-critical workloads easier, faster, and more cost effective by using a framework of cloud native services…CONTINUE READING

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