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Oracle and Microsoft announce availability of Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure

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Now you can run mission-critical enterprise workloads across OCI and Microsoft Azure. Oracle Corp and Microsoft Corp have announced the general availability of Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure. With this new, fully managed service, Azure customers can easily provision, access, and operate enterprise-grade Oracle Database services in OCI with a familiar, Azure-like experience. Azure customers can seamlessly build Azure applications using the high performance, high availability, and automated management of Oracle Database services such as Autonomous Database running on OCI.

Familiar Experience for Azure Users Combined with an Oracle Managed Service

“The new offering is a managed service that enables enterprises to provision and manage Oracle databases running on OCI using an Azure-native API and console”, said Kris Rice, vice president of software development for Oracle Database. “What we did was we took all the metrics and logs that are naturally produced by the servers on the Oracle OCI cloud, and we’re cloning them automatically over to the user side to try and give customers that single pane view over their entire stack,” Rice added. This means that enterprises can monitor Oracle databases right from within the Azure environment. The new service includes a dashboard with a single sign-on process. That means Oracle customers who move workloads to Azure can still work in an Oracle-like environment and vice versa, reducing the need for customers to learn new systems.

Reduced complexity for CIOs, developers

The jointly developed service is expected to reduce complexity for developers, CIOs, data scientists and engineers. In just a few clicks, users can connect Oracle’s database service directly to the Azure cloud, eliminating custom work that previously would have been required. The service automatically configures everything required to link the two cloud environments and federates Azure Active Directory identities, making it easy for Azure customers to use the service. In practice, that means an Oracle database user can move data easily to the Microsoft Azure cloud and have access to Microsoft tools such as Azure Synapse, which analyzes the data. It also provides a familiar dashboard of your Oracle Database Services on OCI using Azure terminology and monitoring with Azure Application Insights.

“There’s a well-known myth that you can’t run real applications across two clouds. We can now dispel that myth as we give Oracle and Microsoft customers the ability to easily test and demonstrate the value of combining Oracle databases with Azure applications. There is no need for deep skills on both of our platforms or complex configurations- anyone can use the Azure Portal to get the power of our two clouds together,” said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

There is no additional charge for migrating apps from one service to another. There are no charges for using the Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, the Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure or data egress or ingress when moving data between OCI and Azure. Customers will pay only for the other Azure or Oracle services they consume, such as Azure Synapse or Oracle Autonomous Database.

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