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8 must try Safari extensions to boost your productivity, security, and performance

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Among web browsers, Apple’s Safari may not be at par with Google’s Chrome in terms of market share (thanks to the dominance of Windows), but the 20-year-old Safari is packed with features to meet the needs of most users.. Further, its capabilities can be enhanced by installing extensions that unlock new options.

Yes, like the Chrome web browser, Apple’s Safari browser too can become a lot more useful by means of extensions. Whether you’re looking for productivity hacks, easy ways of saving money on your shopping, or ways to make your browsing experience more pleasant, there’s a Safari extension for you.

We’ve put together a list of 8 popular Safari extensions for you to try out:

  1. SideTree Translate: SideTree’s Translate extension allows users to automatically translate full web pages or just a few snippets when words in a foreign language appear that you do not understand.
  2. Blue Canoe: It is a sort of an all-rounder extension that lets you know everything about a selected word including meaning, pronunciation, and translation. Just select a word and right-click on it to get a pop-up with all the information.
  3. Hush: Do you get annoyed with all the ‘enable cookies’ popups across the web? Then you should install the Hush extension. All you need to do is just install the extension and enable it to be used with Safari and it will start blocking all those annoying pop-ups and toolbars asking you to accept or enable cookies on their website.
  4. 1Password: It is a very popular and useful Safari extension. One can easily maintain all their passwords to log into multiple websites by adding a plugin to Safari. It also includes a built-in password generator that automatically generates complex passwords, saving you time.
  5. WasteNoTime: When you’re trying to be productive, you don’t need distractions. WasteNoTime allows you to block certain sites and links so that you aren’t distracted by viewing them. Just right-click a link and choose to add it to your block list to avoid the temptation. It also has a tracker which shows how much time you’ve spent on different sites, so you know exactly where the problem is.
  6. WiseStamp: WiseStamp is a one-stop solution to multiple email signatures. All you have to do is choose a template and fill in your details. You can assign different signatures to all emails and you’ll find the WiseStamp tab on all email pages to manage and use your signatures. There is no separate tab on the taskbar though.
  7. Awesome Screenshot: Awesome Screenshot can take screenshots with a click of the extension icon. You can capture after a countdown, just a part of the screen, or an entire webpage, including the parts that extend well past the bottom of the screen.
  8. DuckDuckGo: DuckDuckGo extension automatically blocks third-party trackers on most websites and also gives you a dashboard to see each site’s privacy grade on an A to F scale.

Wrapping Up

These variety of cool extensions should certainly improve your productivity and enhance your experience on Safari. So, go ahead and try them out now!

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